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In Case of Emergency: Legacybox Keeps Memories Safe

By Jill Derry

For as long as I can remember, my daughters have always been in front of the video camera.  My daughter Sarah was so animated growing up, which made me want to record her every move!

Capturing their childhood was so important to me and still is to this day, which is why at any birthday, outing or gathering you would find the video camera glued to my hand, making sure I didn’t miss a thing!

I didn’t grow up owning a video camera, so I only have a few photos from my own childhood. I would've loved to have seen what I was like as a child, so I was determined to capture as much of my girl’s childhood as I could so they could have it when they were older. 


I definitely passed the sentimental gene on to my daughters. They have always loved watching our old VHS tapes and you could even say that part of their childhood was watching their own childhood as they grew up. 


I have years of their memories stored on over 20 VHS and cassette tapes and as time went on and technology advanced, watching our VHS tapes and cassettes became more difficult.  I started to think about the possibility of not being able to recover them and the idea of those memories being lost forever broke my heart.  


Whenever I’d hear about a wildfire in the area – which are regular threats in San Diego, where my family and I live – I always thought about my family and wanted to make sure they were out of harm’s way. Then my mind would immediately think of our tapes and how important it was to me to keep them safe from loss or destruction during a natural disaster.  


That’s when I started looking into ways to preserve these precious memories. I knew I needed to take action in order to ensure that my family would always have these memories and be able to watch them for years to come. I came across Legacybox and ordered a kit right away! The results are amazing! I not only got all the tapes and cassettes back in great shape, but my memories transferred on to a drive I was able to share with my whole family so they could have for years to come. Being able to give my daughters the gift of watching their childhood was the best gift I think I have ever given them, especially for Christmas!


It’s incredible to be able to watch and laugh at our old films from our laptops without having to go through the work of dusting them off and loading them into an old VHS player. The sense of relief that came with knowing that no matter what happens, my family can access and see those memories is priceless. Now, my daughter is a new mom and I’m so thankful we can pass these memories on to the next generation in our family.

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