Our 5 Favorite Trends from the ‘90s
Our 5 Favorite Trends from the ‘90s
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Our 5 Favorite Trends from the ‘90s

By Mollee Shannon

From Mom Jeans to BomberJackets, frosted hair tips to scrunchies, the 1990s produced a number of iconic looks that you may have noticed are making a comeback! If you’ve missed your high-waisted jeans and fanny pack, get ready!

Our 5 favorite trends from the ‘90s will have you reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

You’ll surely want to dig out those old family photos and videos to relive your most fashionable moments. 

Tracksuits on Parade 

They came in every color and color combination imaginable. Perfect for more than a jog, tracksuits were the go-to ensemble for attending casual family gatherings, kids’ sports events, and PTA meetings. While some may think a tracksuit is far too casual for wear outside of sports complexes, the matching pants and jacket in bold and eye-grabbing colors made the perfect get-up for those Saturday morning expeditions to the grocery store, or a Sunday afternoon picnic at the park. You no doubt have family photos and video featuring a number of these comfort couture outfits! Comfortable and fashionable, the tracksuit was an obvious choice for adults and children alike, and don’t forget the pleasure of hearing that swish, swish as you walked about! 

Denim All Day 

Jeans, jackets, skirts, shirts, and overalls. Denim on denim was a fashion favorite throughout the decade! Mismatched denim garments were the choice of men women, teens and adults alike. Pairing a pair of high waisted jeans with a classic white tee and a well worn denim jacket was a classic style for any casual occasion! This is also the decade that overalls left the farm and entered the world of fashion! Available in all shapes, sizes, and hughes, overalls were the perfect outfit. Top and bottom in one piece, with a patterned shirt underneath made choosing your outfit as simple as 1-2-3! Plus, who doesn’t love all the pockets! Whether you chose a classic cargo style or a more tailored skinny style, there was plenty of storage space for anything you might need to transport. Dive into that old family media to locate some pictures of those ever-fashionable overalls and those fabulously funky denim ensembles. We’ll digitize those priceless images, so the glory of those outfits can live forever! 

Ten-hut for Combat Boots 

Along with many clunky shoe styles, like clogs and platform shoes, the combat boot was a popular choice for all! The most popular brand? Dr. Marten’s, better known by some as “Docs,” which were made famous by their air-cushioned sole and iconic yellow stitching. These thick-soled leather beauties adorned the feet of celebrities, parents, teens, and kids. They were a big hit in the ‘90s grunge scene, often paired with high waisted jeans and a flannel tied around the waist. Think Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and The Smashing Pumpkins! You didn’t have to make a trip to Seattle to see Doc Martens clomping across your local mall. While you may look back at those days of grunge and wonder about your fashion choices, those trends come back around! Don’t let those photos of your grunge days decompose. Digitize your old photos and videos, and you’ll be ahead of the fashion curve with your Encyclopedia of Grunge now that flannels, combat boots, and stonewashed “mom jeans” are back on the racks! 

Opulent Velvets 

While tracksuits and combat boots were great for everyday wear, you needed something with a bit more class, a bit more luxury. What better fabric to create a lavish look than velvet? Whether pants, shirts, turtlenecks, button downs, or dresses, a velvet garment in a deep earth tone easily gave you that polished look, and it’s soft texture made it comfortable to boot! Maybe you were a bit more adventurous and wanted a little extra bling with your ensemble, so you opted for the crushed velvet dress. Either way, velvet was a sure choice for a formal dinner, party, or dance! Pull out your old photos of those formal family occasions and preserve your velvet glamour for ages when you send your photos to be digitized! 

Long Hair? Don’t care!; Frosted tips don’t quit 

Throughout the decade, one style dominated the beauty salon as women flocked in droves to their stylists to get “The Rachel.” Inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel Green, in the hit TV shows series, Friends, this choppy bob was every ‘90s girl’s favorite. Let’s not forget how the guys loved those frosted tips. From celebrities, like Justin Timberlake, to your everyday ‘90s dude, those frosty tips glinted at you from every direction! One of the best things about old hairstyles is reliving those memories in your old family albums and videos! Don’t let that hair go to waste, and be sure to memorialize your matchless ‘90s ‘do when you digitize your media!
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