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Spring Cleaning Checklist: 10 Tasks to Get Your Home Spotless

By Christian Roemer

Everyone loves spring, but nobody likes to clean. Unless you’re in the 1% and you can just hire a cleaning crew to do all of your dirty work, cleaning is something that we all have to do. Whether you’re in a studio apartment or a suburban house, getting the house in good order this spring is a must.

Personally, I find lists to be extremely helpful. Crossing off tasks fills me with feelings of accomplishment, and I can prioritize them in a way that will motivate me the most. In order to help you out this spring, we’re going to give you 10 must-dos this spring to have your home in amazing shape for summer fun and festivities.

Change the Air Filter

For most homes, there’s an air filter that you’re supposed to change every month. Most of us don’t remember that. Spring is a great time to remedy the situation and put a fresh filter in the vent.


Weed the Front Yard

April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring May weeds. Getting ahead of the game and pulling weeds by the roots will ensure that your yard and landscaping stay pretty all year long.


Organize Your Movies

During your winter hibernation, movies were probably a big part of your existence. Time to put all of those guys away. Whether you choose to use floating shelves, storage containers, or some other system, get them organized in a way that suits you.


Donate Old Clothes

While most donation centers don’t ask for warm clothes until winter is on the doorstep, it’s never too late (or early) to provide assistance to the needy. We recommend finding a local soup kitchen and donating clothes to them directly.


Clean Out the Fridge

Close your eyes. Think about the very back of your fridge. Do you know what’s in there? Do you think there’s a non-zero chance that your old leftovers have become sentient and somehow come to life? Don’t risk it. Clean your fridge.

Vacuum Carpets and Mop Hard Floors

Dust comes from hair, skin, and other debris. If you haven’t been keeping up with the cleaning this winter, there’s a good chance you’ve developed a thin layer of film on all of the floors of your home. Mop the hard floors and thoroughly vacuum the carpets; your allergies will thank you!


Scrub the Bathrooms

Nobody likes to do it, but the bathrooms need to be cleaned. Mop the floors, scrub the toilet bowls, and polish the sinks. Guests probably won’t remember a clean bathroom, but they’ll definitely remember a dirty one.


Put Winter Stuff in Storage

With the warmer weather, your attire will change. You won’t need down jackets, flannel jeans, or toboggans anymore. Stash them away so that they’re ready for use again next year. Remember to wash them first!

Clean the Car (Inside and Out)

Cars are basically an extension of our homes. That’s why it’s important to take the cleaning out to your automobile too. Wash the outside, clean the inside of the windows, vacuum the floors, and wipe down the dash. Your clean house will feel like it never ends!


Dust Surfaces and Shelves

Remember the dust we had to take care of on the floors? It’s also managed its way onto the furniture, shelves, chairs, and tables. Get out a rag and some Pledge and go to town. Your air will smell cleaner, and you’ll breathe easier.


    We could probably make this list a million lines longer and still not cover everything that a house needs during spring cleaning. We narrowed down all of the must-dos so that you can get a jump start on freshening your home for the upcoming warm months of fun, sun, and play.

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