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Summer Party Games Everyone Will Love
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Summer Party Games Everyone Will Love

By Shelby Burr

Remember when our world had been completely shut down and it felt like the world would never go back to normal?

Slowly yet surely, the world has made its way back to normalcy and now we have more freedom to have FUN!

So, what does fun entail? Summer Parties! Here is a list of some great summer party games you can play when you get your friends and family together.


Slip and Slide Kickball

What’s better than a fun game of kickball? A fun game of kickball with water to cool you off. This is a great family, hot summer day kind of game to play with kids! Roll out some tarps with sprinklers or a hose running and lay it on some grass into the shape of a baseball diamond. You could even have a kitty pool as one of the bases for runners to splash down in! All you need now is a big, plastic ball and some playmates. Blast some music, lather on some sunscreen and have fun!

Cornhole Competition

Everyone loves a good competition! Cornhole is the perfect party game because it requires minimal equipment and maximum fun. The best part is that cornhole works at any party. Birthdays, anniversaries, movie watching, family get togethers, etc. Create a bracket for everyone coming to the party and let the games begin! You can even have some fun prizes ready for the main winner. 

Water balloon capture the flag

Another fun game to play to cool everyone off is a water balloon capture the flag with family and friends! All you need is some buckets filled with water and a plethora of water balloons. Divide into teams, hide your flag and get ready to defend your territory with water balloons! If you’re hit, you have to go all the way back to your base and start again!


No matter the age, no matter the kind of party...this game always brings up a good laugh! This is the perfect thing to have set out for the kids to play OR adults! Put on some good music, roll out the twister and start playing! You can even divide into teams where you can tap out and have a teammate tap in. This makes great fun because they have to replicate the last position someone was in before they tapped out. 

Egg Toss

If you are having a baby shower, this is a great co-ed game to play. You have to have careful hands when holding a baby, so how long can you go tossing an egg before it cracks? This is also a fun birthday game to play when lots of participants are involved. Each person picks one team mate. You start only a foot away from one another and toss the egg. With each toss, each person takes one step back. Keep going until you’re basically throwing the egg twenty yards to (hopeful) safety. 

Have fun playing these fun games and making fun memories! Now that summer is in full swing and that we can now gather again, you’re sure to have lots of fun.

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