The Most Winter Wonderland Places in the World
The Most Winter Wonderland Places in the World
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The Most Winter Wonderland Places in the World

By Christian Roemer

With the cold weather moving in, we can almost hear the Christmas tunes already blaring on the radio. In the spirit of winter, we looked for the most magical winter wonderlands in the world. These places are usually always amazing, but during the wintertime, their allure becomes irresistible. If you’re a travel fiend, or you’re just itching from a bit of wanderlust, these winter retreats will captivate your imagination.



Home of Neuschwanstein castle, Hohenschwangau is what your winter dreams look like. At the base of the alps, this town is truly magical, and the winter only helps bring out the fairy-tale feeling of the area. Get some Koenig Ludwig beer while you’re there!



200 km (120 miles for you Americans) north of the Arctic Circle is the magical Ice Hotel of Sweden. Completely carved out of ice every year, this hotel comes and goes with the weather. If you want to experience real, upscale igloo living, this is the place.



Paris is the city of love. When snow is on the ground, it becomes even more magical. Imagine this: you’re sipping coffee and eating a croissant under the veranda of a small cafe at the base of the Eiffel Tower. Snow is falling softly on the cobblestone streets around you. Doesn’t that sound incredible?



New York is amazing in the winter time. A giant Christmas tree, fantastic lights, and ice skating are all available downtown. Countless coffee shops are at your disposal, so that you can always warm up with a nice cup of hot chocolate or a latte.



Banff is an outdoor person’s dream. This famous town in Alberta is home of Banff National Park, one of the most magnificent sights in the world. If the town is accessible, it’ll be covered in snow, and the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel doesn’t even look real.



An extremely underrated city to visit, Salzburg is beautiful. Near the magnanimous Alps, Salzburg features castles, history, delicious food, and it’s the home of Mozart! The Salzach River makes this gorgeous town look even more amazing when it’s partially frozen.


Germany is sort of the grandfather of many of our modern Christmas traditions. One of those traditions is sprawling Christmas markets like the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg. You can find any ornament your heart could desire here!



There’s something captivating about seeing the Kremlin covered in snow. The white flakes really make the multicolored spires glow. Even though Russia gets a bad rap for its winters, Moscow is still beautiful, and history is all around you.



When the snow falls in Japan, the bright red Tori stand starkly against the white backdrop. Usually signifying an entrance to a Shinto shrine, these gorgeous pieces of architecture are iconic, enduring, and powerful. Wintertime only adds to their mighty allure.



    Prague is truly an old town in every sense of the word. If you ever ask someone what their favorite city in Europe is, Prague is usually at the very top of the list. The Czech people are incredibly friendly, the architecture is stunning.
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