Top 10 Photo Gift Ideas for Friends
Top 10 Photo Gift Ideas for Friends
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Top 10 Photo Gift Ideas for Friends

By Kellie Hillis

There’s a lot of give in take that goes into a beautiful friendship, so how do you capture the essence of one for the perfect gift? Your grandma’s idea of gifting socks won’t cut it. Covering the dinner or drink tab just feels too easy and generic. It’s got to be something personal, right? Like a gift that takes you down a crazy college memory lane, something that aptly summarizes the bond between two people. And what’s better than displaying that bond than with a photo gift that perfectly captures some of the all-time great shenanigans you’ve both been through?

It’s settled then – a personalized photo gift for your bestie is a surefire way to say “We’re in this crazy world together” … for better or worse.

So, where do you start when it comes to thinking about best friend picture gift ideas? We’ve got you covered.


Who says you have to actually watch a movie at movie night? Instead, put together a digital photo collage of all your friend outings – brunches, nights out, vacations, float trips, sporting events, etc. – and get ready to laugh and cry more tears than any romcom flick could ever hope to conjure. With so many different digital collage makers out there, like this one, it’s just a matter of scouring your camera roll for your favorite photos with your bestie.


Who doesn’t love a good sticker? No matter what age you are, stickers rule and they’re the perfect way to spice up any boring old water bottle, tumbler or laptop lid. So, why not have some fun with your sticker game and get some high-quality custom best friend stickers created. That way every time you take a drink of water, you can reminisce over all the nights it wasn’t water you were drinking but definitely should have been.


Let’s be honest. If this is a gift for your best friend, then there’s a very good chance that the majority of the photo memories you have revolve around drinking. And there’s nothing wrong with that, which makes giving your friend a custom photo wine glass or beer mug (depending on his/her drink of choice) the perfect gift to commemorate such memorable drinking occasions while also cheering to all the future ones to come.


Mornings aren’t for everyone and neither is coffee, but if your bestie likes a little kick of caffeine in the morning, then a personalized coffee photo mug is a great personalized gift. It’s perfect for brunch gossip sessions while you simultaneously double fist some caffeine and a flute full of bubbly mimosa.


Want to get a little more creative with your long distance best friend gift giving ideas? Try creating your own customized message in a bottle to give to your friend. But, rather than an actual message in the bottle, it’s a photo strip of you together. It’s a creative and fun twist on the traditional photo frame and your friend will surely love the originality.


Who said all your photo gifts had to be in a picture frame? With so many ways to creatively customize digital photos today, you can elevate your print game by giving a personalized photo plaque as an ode to special occasion or your long-standing friendship. Add some fun photos, write a little message or inside joke and voilà, you’ve got an amazing, unique gift.


Why stop at photo plaques? In this day and age, you can basically print on anything, like really though … almost anything. So, if rustic chic is your friend’s go-to decor of choice, then maybe some cool personalized photo wood art will really hit the mark. The look is a gorgeous take on the traditional print but with the added texture and natural wood warmth  that can make stunning wall art.


What says best friends forever more than wearing each other's faces on your socks? Or, go full force with it and rock some personalized t-shirts of one another, if you really want the world to know you’re BFFs. Either way, clothing is always a fun, customizable photo option to give as a gift. You really can’t go wrong with tried and true!


Forget still life, impressionism or abstract art. What’s a better work of art than a best friendship? That’s right, display your BFF masterpiece proudly at home by giving a customizable canvas print to your bestie. If you’re lucky, it’ll make the fireplace mantel where all the family pics live. 


There’s no better way to throw a best friend slumber party than with personalized photo blankets and pillows of each other. Sure, it’s a bit ridiculous and past bordering on cheesy, but it’s fun and that’s the whole point, right? Besides, it will make pillow fights a little more entertaining.


So, now that you’ve got your mind set on one (or a few) of the above best friend picture gifts, what’s the next step? Well, start with making sure you’ve got enough digital photos to choose from. With today’s smartphones being everyone’s primary camera source, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue; however, if there are old photo prints, negatives or polaroids that you really want to use as your photos of choice, then you’ll need to get them digitized. Luckily, our team of professionals can help you with all your photo scanning needs.

What are you waiting for? You don’t need a holiday or a birthday to give your bestie their sweet digital photo gift. Surprise them today by scanning and using your childhood photos to make a memorable gift!

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