What Are the Benefits to Digitizing Your Media?
What Are the Benefits to Digitizing Your Media?
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What Are the Benefits to Digitizing Your Media?

By Dillon Wallace

Discover a better way to keep old memories new

We’re nearly 20 years into the 21st century, and if time has taught us anything, it’s that technology only continues to shape our past, present and future.

Just yesterday, it felt like physical photo albums overflowing with polaroids were how we shared memories with friends and family. Now, we can email, text, snap, insta and send it to the cloud if we want to share or save those memorable moments. Same goes for our videos. VHS tapes had their home theater reign, but now streaming and downloadable video is how we get our fill.


Yeah, time has definitely changed how we share and enjoy our media, but is it all for the better?


You’re about to find out exactly what the benefit to digitizing your media is.


Worry-free philosophy

“Hakuna matata” isn’t just a wonderful phrase. It applies to digitizing your old analog media. Why? Because when your media isn’t digitized so much more can go wrong. You need to have a safe place to store it. Not too hot or too cold. And if you move, you’ve got to take the bulky library with you. What about a flood in your basement? Or leak in your attic? Those are key storage locations that can be compromised. With digitization, storing your media via thumb drive, CD or the cloud has never been easier, or stirred less worry.


Declutter from hoarder status

Okay, so just because you like to hold onto every VHS, cassette tape and all other old analog media you’ve ever owned doesn’t mean you’re a hoarder. But, digitizing your media can create some vital house or storage space that you may be hurting to have. Go ahead, get that library of old media and home videos digitized and discover more room than you ever imagined in your house.


Send & share – anywhere, anytime, with anyone

Sure, breaking out the photo album or VHS home movies when you had friends and family over was fun. By why limit sharing your old memories to outdated technology? With digitization, all you have to do is upload and hit send. Just like that, you can relive and recall all your precious memories with those that matter most, near and far.


Pass the torch

If you want to ensure family tradition stays a tradition, it’s vital to pass your memories on to your kids and grandkids for generations to come. And using outdated/obsolete media isn’t an efficient way to do that. Kids today probably don’t even know what a VCR is, let alone how it works. Introducing digital media! Go ahead and replace those bulky and dusty old boxes full of tapes and pictures with a slim and fully loaded thumb drive.


Host a watch party

Do you have a VCR? Do you know where to get one? Do you want to spend money on an outdated piece of technology? Digitizing your media can give you all the glory of a watch party without the limitations of one. By digitizing your media, you can simply plop in a DVD or plug in a thumb drive to your computer or smart TV. Better yet, your digital media can easily be edited to create the ultimate themed video – wedding, anniversary, birthday – you name it, digitization can help you do it.


Avoid losing them … forever

Look, even if your stash of analog media doesn’t get destroyed in a flood, lost in a move or charred in a fire, it still only has a limited shelf life before natural degradation sets in. That’s right, normal wear and tear will eventually cause a majority of your old tapes and film to go even further toward the wayside. So be proactive and save it all before it’s too late!


Get artistic

With your old memories in a more versitile format, you’ve now got the keys to greater artistic liberation. Make a digital scrapbook with your pictures, create a website for friends and family to view, edit a fun video or simply share your newly digitized media on facebook, Instagram, snapchat and more.



We live in a world where the easier, the better. We’re all busy people living busy lives. Do you really want take the extra time fighting your old media to get it to work? Digitizing your memories makes it convenient and accessible with just the push of a button on your smart device of choice. Does it get any better than that?


Digitizing your media can go a long way toward preserving your precious memories for generations to come. If you need a hand with the process, Legacybox can help preserve your past.

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