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What is the Best Scanner for 35mm Negatives?

By Mollee Shannon

If you have 35mm negatives but no old school projector, you probably don’t have an easy way to view those tiny images aside from holding them up to a light source.

But who wants to strain their eyes and neck to view their entire collection of photo negatives?
Converting your negative photography collection can be simple and quick with the right scanner. You want to consider several things when looking for a 35mm scanner: efficiency, price, and resolution. Here is a list of some of the best scanners for 35mm negatives, optimized for convenience, price, and quality.


Kodak Scanza 

The Kodak Scanza is extremely user friendly. It’s going to scan your photo negatives quickly and efficiently. It’s one of the only scanners that doesn’t require software to run it, so there will be no headaches with this 35mm scanner. It’s also friendly to your wallet. At just $159.99, it’s one of the most cost and process efficient products to scan your entire collection of negative photography. This is a great scanner for an amateur who wants to scan their photo negatives, but for the ease of use, you’re going to have to compromise a certain degree of image quality. 

PlusTek Optic Film 135 

The Optic Film 135 is a bit pricier at $299, but the scans of your 35mm negatives are going to be better in quality. One of the frustrations with working with  photo negative scanners is that you have to load each piece of your negative photography collection separately. With the Optic Film 135, you can load a tray of 35mm negatives, and the scanner advances the photo negatives on its own. While this scanner may not pick up the finest of details in your photo negatives, the picture quality is good for an amateur negative photography scanner. 

Epson Perfection V550 

If you’re more accustomed to a flatbed scanner, then the Epson Perfection V550 is for you. This is going to give you good quality scans of your 35mm negatives. Scanning your entire collection of negative photography is going to be a cinch with this scanner’s automatic multiframe scanning. The price point is an added benefit for this photo negative scanner. At just $179.88, you negative photography scanning project will be as quick and easy as 1-2-3! 

Epson Perfection V850 Pro 

If your main concern is quality cans of 35mm negatives rather than your budget, the Epson V850 is the machine for your negative photography collection. While the $1,150 price tag may cause you to double over in pain, the high quality scans of your photo negatives will ease that pain just a little! This scanner is also high ranking in the number of features it offers, and you can scan easily scan your entire photo negative collection with this scanner’s top quality holders. As its name indicates, this is one for the pros, so if you’re willing to loosen the grip on the money bags, this is your best bet in tackling your negative photography collection! 

Let Legacybox Do the Hard Work 

Of course, Legacybox already has all of the professional equipment you would need to produce a high quality scans of your 35mm negatives. If you’re asking which scanner is the best for your photo negatives, the answer is simple: the negative photography scanners on the production floor of Legacybox’s top notch production facility! Why pay for a scanner you won’t need after your negative photography scanning project is complete, when you have highly trained specialists who can do it for you? Send us your 35mm photo negatives, sit back, and let us do the rest! You’ll be enjoying the digitized images of your entire negative photography collection before you know it! 

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