Zoos, Drive-in Movies, Aquariums, Oh My!
Zoos, Drive-in Movies, Aquariums, Oh My!
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Zoos, Drive-in Movies, Aquariums, Oh My!

By Katy Sommerfeld

Summertime is almost here, folks! Summer is the season of creating great memories. The days are longer, the kids are out of school, and vacations are happening, so it’s the perfect time to plan some exciting outings that will make lasting memories for years to come!

The good news is that extraordinary exhibits and attractions can be found almost anywhere. You can find amazing parks and museums in practically every major U.S. city that will give you and your family a thrilling and lasting adventure. In the list below, we’ve compiled some of the absolute best of the best destinations in America that will guarantee a fun-filled day for you, your family, and friends.


1. San Diego Zoo - San Diego, California

The San Diego zoo has often been called the “best zoo in the country” by visitors and travel bloggers. Known for its wide variety of animals from all over the world, with some of the most famous being lions, tigers, polar bears, gorillas, and pandas, this zoo does not disappoint. If you’re in the San Diego area this summer, check it out.


2. Georgia Aquarium - Atlanta, Georgia

The Georgia Aquarium is the number one place to visit in Atlanta, and for good reason! The aquarium is home to over 100,000 animals of all kinds. While at the aquarium, you can see different types of sharks, sting rays, sea lions, beluga whales and bottlenose dolphins! There really is so much to see at the Georgia Aquarium, and visiting will make for one unforgettable day trip.


3. Route 66 Drive-in Theater - Springfield, Illinois

This vintage drive-in is sure to please! Found along the historic Route-66 highway, you can stop at this drive-in for a double-feature movie experience and find all of the concessions you could possibly need to fulfill your cravings. Come to the Route-66 Drive-in for a good old-fashioned American time.


4. American Museum of Natural History - New York City, New York

The American Museum of Natural History is one of the most famous in the world. With its massive collections, such as the epic Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil and the ocean and biodiversity exhibits, this museum will leave you and your friends occupied for hours.


5. Cedar Point Theme Park - Erie County, Ohio

Known as the “roller coaster capital of the world,” Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio lives up to its title, with 18 world-class roller coasters - one goes up to speeds of 120 miles per hour! If you have little ones with you, don’t worry. There are countless family and kid-friendly rides at the park as well. Whether you are planning a getaway for you and your thrill-seeking friends or a family adventure, Cedar Point has something for the whole family.



6. Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona

One of the most famous natural formations in the world, the United States’ Grand Canyon spans over 277 miles and is 6,000 feet deep at certain points. This incredible national park is something to behold, and leaves many breathless and in awe. There are many hiking trails in the canyon, and whether you are an expert backpacker or a novice, there is a trail for you. There is even a shuttle system that can take you and your family from one scenic overlook to another, if you like!


7. Smithsonian Museum - Washington, D.C.

The Smithsonian Museums in Washington, D.C. are numerous, but the two most popular are the Air and Space museum and the American History Museum. These two locations house an interesting array of exhibits, from the more traditional history to popular culture. You and your family could easily spend a day or more checking out the Smithsonian museums in D.C., and you will learn something new!

There are countless other amazing destinations in the U.S. similar to these - what types of places will you are your family or friends be visiting this summer?


Wherever you go, make sure you document the experiences with photos and videos. Memories of summertime can be some of the fondest as we grow older. Make sure you are recording those special moments.

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