Top 10 Amazing Wedding Guest Book Ideas That Are Easy to Make
Top 10 Amazing Wedding Guest Book Ideas That Are Easy to Make
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Top 10 Amazing Wedding Guest Book Ideas That Are Easy to Make

By Shelby Burr
Do you hear wedding bells ringing? It's that time of season: Wedding season! Whether you're taking this grand and wonderful step into marriage, or a friend/family member is, this is a memory that you will cherish forever. This celebration will have all of the most inspirational, loving and impactful people in your life. So, why not capture and note the loved ones who came? Yes, even your crazy aunt on your mother's side. Here are the top 10 wedding guest book ideas that you will preserve your special day for a lifetime.

1. Guest Log

Pun definitely intended. Yes, this is a literal log of wood. If your husband is an outdoorsman or your wife enjoys having natural decorations, then this wedding guest book is perfect for you. You can find a 1-2 inch thick slice of wood - in any size - at your nearest craft store... or forest. Add a little mason jar full of sharpies for your guests to sign and enjoy! You can hang this on a wall, place for a center table decoration or have it displayed on your coffee table. What wood you do with it? Ha...

2. Finger Print

This guest book is whimsical and calls for everyone to be creative! Have your guests stamp their finger print on a canvas to create an image and sign their stamp. You can use acrylic paint in any color to create a beautiful collage/abstract art of finger prints, draw black lines all over the canvas and have your guests stamp the top of each line to resemble balloons or even create a beautiful night canvas by painting it black and having your guests print in yellow paint for stars! The options are limitless. Just make sure you have baby wipes near the table, that way they can clean up afterwards.

3. Book

If you and your soon-to-be spouse are book worms, then you'll appreciate this. If you both share an adoration for a certain book (fiction, non-fiction, religious, etc.) you can display this book and have your guests sign the inside! You can offer highlighters for your guests to highlight favorite sentences and verses, as well as signing their name next to their favorite part. This is such a fun way to have your guests engage with your guest book, as well as helping them out if they can't find the right words to say - they can just highlight it!

4. A Globe

Planning on traveling the world? What better way to have your guest sign than on a globe? Your guests can sign their "Dream Adventure" or where they have already been in the world. This will be such a sweet embellishment in your home, not to mention it is perfect for those bohemian weddings.

5. A Family Tree

Those who came to celebrate you are all considered family, so why not add them to your family tree? You can create a canvas that has a leave-less tree on it. Provide a few green markers and have your guests signatures become the leaves! If you're feeling even more creative, you can cut out multiple pieces of paper in the shape of leaves. Have your guests sign those individual leaves and place them into a jar. Later, you can paint a tree onto a canvas and glue those leaves all around the branches!

6. Your Last Initial

Now that you both share the same last name, flaunt it! You can purchase large, wooden letters at your nearest craft store. Have your guests sign with gold or silver pens to make it stand out even more. This will be a great decoration for your home together after the wedding!

7. Shadow Box

This is a great idea, especially if you plan on saving little wedding trinkets, such as flowers, lace, jewelry, etc. Have your guests sign little wooden hearts, circles and shapes. Later, gather them together and place them all inside a shadow box to display in your home!

8. Framed Picture

With wedding prep, you're sure to have a plethora of pictures of you and your loved one. Frame a beautiful picture of you and your partner and have your guests sign the frame!

9. Puzzle Pieces

This guest book not only takes an interesting twist, but it also adds great fun for you and your spouse once you're married! Have your guests sign the back or front of puzzle pieces and then piece the entire thing together to bask in all its glory. This is a great way to preserve your memories!

10. Polaroid Book

This one takes a little more effort, but will be well worth it in the end! Not only will your guests love this, but you'll have an instant scrapbook at the end of the night. Provide a Polaroid camera at a little table with a scrapbook, markers and tape. Your guests can snap a picture, sign it and tape it on the inside! Now you'll have a scrapbook full of your lovely guests. I'm sure you'll land a few pictures of relatives that you'll cherish forever.
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