10 Travel Products That are Useful When You Aren't Traveling
10 Travel Products That are Useful When You Aren't Traveling
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10 Travel Products That are Useful When You Aren't Traveling

By Dillon Wallace

We all have a go-to travel list when the time comes to pack our bags in anticipation for vacation. You might even have your general list saved in your phone or a physical list you just keep in your suitcase.

It’s not weird unless it’s laminated.

And while all our travel-sized items and other go-to packings are great for on-the-go use, what are some useful travel products when you’re not actually traveling? Are there some life hacks that you’re missing out on? 


Let’s find out!

Travel Wallet

Have you ever seen some of the monstrous wallets that your friends or coworkers use? Just looking at them makes your butt and back hurt. If this sounds like your wallet – and you know who you are – it may be time to toss the old, oversized billfold brick for something a little sleeker. After all, you really only need something big enough to hold a couple credit cards, your I.D., insurance card and some cash. Anything else can probably stay out.

Mini hygiene products

If you’re flying, packing mini shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste (even hair products) are musts, especially for the size of Ziplock bag you’re allowed in your carry-on bag. But what about your gym bag? Are you still porting around the same big deodorant, shampoo and hair products that you use at home? Save yourself some hassle and some space and go with the travel size products for your gym bag. You’ll thank yourself later.

Portable charger

There’s no denying that we live in a world where our smartphones are essentially as important, if not more, than our left hand. And while a lot of places now have access to outlets and charging stations, they’re still not the norm quite yet. So, if your phone or computer needs a little extra juice on a busy day, consider getting yourself a portable charger. Work smarter, not harder, right?

Dryer sheet cologne

Think about the last time you washed your overnight suitcase or duffel bag. You can’t, can you? Now think about all the times you’ve used it, stuffed your dirty clothes back in it, had sand from your beach trip in it or nasty airport carpet on it. Bet you’re thinking about washing it now aren’t you? Well, you don’t have to. You can keep your clothes and bags smelling nice by packing a dryer sheet in them. And if that’s not enough, do the same to your dresser at home. Simply tuck a dryer sheet in your drawer and keep your offseason wardrobe smelling as fresh as it did right out of the in-season wash.

Portable speaker 

Let’s be honest, using your phone’s speaker for music will get you by, but that’s about it. It’s also why buying a portable speaker for traveling is equally as perfect around your house. It’s a much cheaper and convenient alternative to installing surround sound speakers inside or outside your home. Take it with you in the bathroom, on the patio, in your workout area … anywhere and everywhere.

Sleep aids

A lot of people have trouble sleeping when they travel. Being away from their normal nighttime routine and the comfort of their own beds are popular reasons for packing sleep aids like Melatonin. But why limit your usage to a natural sleep aid just for when you travel? You deserve a great sleep at home! So, if you’ve got difficulties falling asleep, try your hand at some Melatonin or another natural sleep aid. You may just find yourself catching more zzz’s and feeling more refreshed when you wake up.

Noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are game changers when it comes to flying. But, who said the sanctity that they provide has to be limited to 38,000 feet. Whether you’ve got a noisy household (ahem, kids) or office (cough*coworkers*cough) or just want to be alone with your thoughts and your music, noise cancelling headphones are well worth the price tag. It’s like closing the door to your office when your office doesn’t have a door.

Water bottle/purifier bottle

Hydration is something taken for granted but never should be. Our body needs water. Craves it, in fact. Which is why porting around a water bottle every day (even around the house) is the best way to ensure that you’re consuming your allotted ½ gallon of H20. Filling up a 12 ounce water glass repeatedly will get the job done, but simply filling up a 32 ounce bottle twice a day is a much easier way to get your drinking dose in.

Neck pillow

For long flights and road trips, a neck pillow is as essential as it gets. Unless you’re into neck cramps and discomfort. But what about when you’re just lying around the house? Turns out that neck pillows work perfectly for that, too. From lounging on the couch or propping your feet up in a cozy reading chair, neck pillows do what they were designed to – keep your spine in check. In fact, sleeping with a neck pillow in your bed may actually help with aches and alignment. Give it a try. It certainly can’t hurt.

Disposable camera

The popularity of disposable cameras may have come and gone with the introduction of digital cameras – most notably smartphones – but, that doesn’t change their significance as a travel accessory. In fact, you probably have a bunch of forgotten photographs and negatives from past vacations that are just waiting to be digitized. If you do, send them in to us and we’ll convert them for you – giving your old memories new life. After all, cameras are for capturing the moment, and life doesn’t stop just because you’re not traveling. So, you get to capturing and we’ll get to converting.

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