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5 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos Without a Frame

By Mollee Shannon

If you have photos galore and want to display your memories for visitors to enjoy, framing and mounting those treasured pictures is a big task. But never fear, Legacybox has some great ideas for displaying your photos without the cumbersome frames. 


A Charming Window 

My precious pictures of my nieces and nephews loom large in my photo portfolio. To display those smiling faces,  I purchased a discarded window from a yard sale. I painted the frame to match my interior, and now, one large frame hosts all of my favorite photos. I used a simple mixture of Elmer’s Glue and water to attach my photos to the glass and affixed the entire window frame to my dining room wall with 3M velcro strips. Perfection! 


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pics 

Twinkle lights?! Yes, please! Family photos are best framed with the darling sparkle of twinkle lights. Twinkle lights are a magical addition to family photos. You can use a simple foam board, decorated in craft supplies of your choice, whether that be paint pens, ribbon, or floral! Once your foam board is prepared, add your photos and twinkle lights. The foam board will also be easy to hang with a few 3M strips! 


Ribbon Collage 

Ribbons can  be a great way to display your photos without a frame. Start by choosing a pattern that matches your interior decor style. For mounting photos, ribbon in a thicker width will work best. Hang the ribbons on your wall so you can determine how exactly you want to collage your photos. You can use sticky glue dots to fix each photo to ribbon.  It’s simple and easy. Voila! Step back and admire your masterpiece. 


Customized Bulletin Board 

You might think a bulletin board belongs in a classroom, but adding a bulletin board to your home to display family photos can add whimsy and fun to your decor. Whether you want a farmhouse style board or something more glamorous, it’s so customizable, the craft store will offer dozens of ways to make your bulletin board unique to your home. You can paint or add a pattern to your board. You can decorate the edges with washi tape, or you can simply opt for some super fun push pins! With a bulletin board, you get maximum photo display for the least effort. 


Shadow Box Memories 

A shadow box is an excellent way to highlight especially precious photos and memories. Shadow boxes can also be used to display precious family items. For example, a photo of grandpa might be placed in a shadow box along with his war medal. Your favorite photo of a child might be added to a box next to your baby’s newborn clothes, or those adorable tiny shoes. Shadow boxes come in a variety of sizes and wood grains, but they can also be painted and customized to your taste! 

Don’t forget, if you’re up to your eyes in photo clutter, Legacybox offers the convenience of digitizing those photos, so you can share images and media with family and friends, no muss, no fuss!

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