8 Fashion Trends We Want Back!
8 Fashion Trends We Want Back!
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8 Fashion Trends We Want Back!

By Elaine Elliott

There are definitely some trends (like mullets and fake tans) that should never return, but on the other hand, there are retro styles quickly making a comeback in the fashion world. Bell-bottom jeans, chokers, and wayfarer sunglasses are a few of the many accessories returning to the scene with revenge. But there are still more trends from past decades waiting to gain the spotlight once again.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane as we reminisce about these quirky and fun styles.

Maybe you still have some of these items in your closet? Or better yet, some film or photos of you or your family rocking these styles? If so, be sure to digitize them so you can make your next #throwbackthursday post one to remember!




Knitted Ponchos

Back in the day you could wear what looked to be an afghan blanket and be considered trendy for doing so! These colorful ponchos came in all sorts of sizes, colors, and patterns to keep your outfit looking fresh and fun. They’re easy to put on and make you instantly warmer on a chilly day. Who wants to have a knitting party and make this style come back to life?


Floral Button-Front

It seemed like every cool guy from the 70s was rocking a floral print silk shirt. It didn’t matter if you were in elementary school or going to the office, these shirts were all the rage! You were guaranteed to stand out and make a statement with so many color and pattern options. Floral shirts for men seem to be a thing of the past, but they could certainly come back with a bit of flower power!




Leg Warmers

When it’s chilly out who wouldn’t want to stay warm with these cute fuzzy accessories? Winter attire still embraces leg warmers but the trend is not nearly as mainstream as it used to be. Can you find an 80s montage of photos in your albums showing proof to how adorable these soft leg accessories once were?


Member Only Jackets

These snazzy jackets will turn any simple outfit into a bold statement. They pair well with casual and formal clothes whether you’re going on a date or hanging out with friends. Member Only jackets received notable airtime in The Goonies and later on in Stranger Things too. Looks like they’re making a comeback thanks to the influence of television!




Butterfly Clips

These used to be fluttering around everywhere, but where did they fly off to? Superstars like Britney Spears used to love showing off these colorful accessories in high ponytails, buns, and other updos. They’ll instantly make your look more fun, that is, if you can find any buried at the bottom of your closet!


Jelly Sandals

Jellies were yet another colorful, semi-translucent style from the 1990s. They came in all sorts of shapes and sizes to add a little pizzazz to your look. You can probably still find these sandals in the children’s section of the shoe store, but why can’t adults enjoy them too?



Stretchy Popcorn Shirts

These shirts are light, compact, and show off all your curves. Not only is this style economical, it’s also flattering. For whatever reason they seem to have disappeared. Maybe you can find some old school photos of you rocking a bright colored popcorn shirt from your childhood?


Single Color Tracksuits

From Mean Girls to Desperate Housewives, every woman was on the verge of a leisurely stroll back in the early 2000s. The comfy pant and jacket pairing made your daily outfit decision tremendously easier, especially since you could sleep in these tracksuits if you really wanted to.

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