8 Helpful House Plants to Improve Memory
8 Helpful House Plants to Improve Memory
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8 Helpful House Plants to Improve Memory

By Christian Roemer

Everyone knows that getting outside is good for you. As we recently learned, walking in the woods can improve your mental acuity and reduce stressful waves in your brain. Getting out isn’t always an option, though. Lives get busy, days get short, and it can be difficult to make going outside a priority.

But what if we could bring the outside inside? Now we’re talking.

Potting a few plants in your home can have some really great health benefits. Aside from helping with some of basic aspects that improve your overall mental state, the plants themselves can have some pretty big positives. Plants like:


Besides tasting delicious in Mediterranean cooking, rosemary also has some medicinal benefits! You can make tea out of the flowers, seasonings out of the leaves, and decorations with the branches. Plus, it’s a pretty hardy bush that grows well.


This leafy plant is one of the most convenient greens to grow inside, and it has plenty of health benefits too! It has toxin fighting antioxidants and can help fight depression.


This small, leafy plant is great for the indoors. Its powerful scent is ideal for making your air smell fresher, and its nutritional value is through the roof. The seeds taste sort of like licorice!


Not only is lavender a well known herb, it’s also a really beautiful plant. The purple flowers bring a pop of color year round. Best of all, this sagacious plant helps reduce stress, improve sleep, improve cognitive function, and more.

Avocado Tree

Did you know that you can grow an entire tree from the pit of any avocado? It’s true! While most home-planted avocados don’t ever grow the delicious fruit that are so popular these days, the trees are large leafed, meaning they help filter the air in your home. Put that on toast.

Aloe Vera

According to this article, growing aloe vera in your home is incredibly easy. We like the sound of that! Everyone knows that a bit of aloe on burns will help your skin heal, but did you know that it also helps your body absorb necessary nutrients?


While this crabby looking plant might not possess the most impressive foliage in your home, it’s actually quite the beneficial produce to have around. In addition to assisting nursing mothers, it also helps with manliness, body inflammation, and improved digestion.


The ginseng plant has large leaves and pretty red flowers, but underneath the soil is where the true magic of ginseng lies. The root is a traditional medicinal ingredient that helps with energy levels and brain function. Perhaps best of all, it could be a really good flu combatant.

Even if you don’t want to cultivate these particular plants in your home, we definitely recommend planting something. Gardening provides a ton of really valuable benefits aside from just potential nutritional value.

What are you waiting for? Start cultivating your green thumb today!

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