Amazing Fall Decoration Ideas
Amazing Fall Decoration Ideas
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Amazing Fall Decoration Ideas

By Dillon Wallace

The seasons are changing and so is your home décor

As the weather begins to usher in cooler winds and leaves begin to turn an auburn shade, it can only mean that fall is on the horizon.


Looks like it’s time to decorate!


Here are seven fall decoration tips and tricks to get you in the autumn spirit.


Halloween Time

The first thing that most of us think about when fall starts to trickle in is decorating for the first major holiday of the year’s waning quarter. That means busting out the cotton cobwebs, adorning end tables with plastic skulls, carving pumpkins and stringing shades of orange and black around the house. There’s not a better way to fall into the season than getting cozy with a house dimly lit with Halloween decorations and a good scary movie.


Set A Welcoming Tone

Fall is the ushering in of a string of holidays, which means it’s the perfect season to welcome guests into your home. You can set the welcome tone by sprucing up your porch with planters brimming with autumn flowers, copious amounts of gourds, pumpkins and classic lantern decor.


Farmhouse Feel

Hone the country charm this fall by adding accents of rustic wood, cozy plaid blankets, weathered décor, whicker accents and brushed metal to your home style. Fall is the perfect time to give your home that harvest feel with some chic farmhouse flair.


Put a Wreath on it

Autumn is a great season to spruce up your space with a wreath … or multiple wreathes, why not? Adorned with wild flowers, changing leaves and fall themes, a wreath on your front door is the perfect way to show neighbors and those passing by that your house is ready for fall.


“I’m dreaming of a white … fall?”

White décor may seem like something designated for winter, but it’s also the perfect way to usher in that fall feeling. White-painted pumpkins, rocking chairs, planted pots and more are the perfect way to incorporate that Scandinavian décor which has been a trendy fall go to over the last several years.


Light up the house

With fall comes the first inkling of brisk weather. What’s a better way to warm up your home than with an assortment of lit candles, lanterns and the fireplace? Just make sure that your fireplace is inspected and swept before firing it up and keep an eye on your candles. Style is key but it’s second to safety.


Frame it

With the fall comes holidays and with holidays comes friends and family gatherings. That’s why it’s the perfect time of year to hang up those beloved family photos. Better yet, build your own rustic wood frame or just get creative with your pictures. If creativity isn’t your strong suit, then check out your local craft store for what’s trending.


There’s so many different ways to decorate your home for fall that this list is only scratching the surface. But if one thing is for certain, it’s that coziness will always be the most popular style for fall. So bust out the throws, light up the home and get comfortable because winter is just around the corner.

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