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Can I Order Additional Outputs at a Later Date?

By Dillon Wallace

It’s pretty obvious – getting digital copies of your analog media is awesome! Not only that, but it’s the only sure way to preserve your past’s most memorable moments. You can digitally share them with friends and family, post them on your social media accounts, host watch parties, and more with incredible ease.

This all brings up a valid question: Can I order additional outputs of my media at a later date if I want more? 

The short answer is no. Why?

Because as much as we’d love to be able to send you additional digital copies later, our top priority is our customers’ privacy and their overall happiness with our product. So, for obvious privacy reasons, we do not keep your digital copies on file after we send back your order. 

However, we know the importance of sharing and reliving your beloved memories with all your friends, family and followers. That’s why at Legacybox we NEVER lock your digital files. After all, they’re YOUR memories and we intend to keep them that way. Once we digitize your memories and send them back via DVD, thumb drive or digital files, they’re 100% yours to do with what you please – that includes making as many of your own copies as your heart desires.

So, if you’ve digitized your memories with Legacybox and were hoping for more digital copies, fret not. You are more than welcome to share your digital file link or buy your own additional DVDs and thumb drives to make your own copies.

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