What's The Best Way to Share Photos?
What's The Best Way to Share Photos?
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What's The Best Way to Share Photos?

By Dillon Wallace

The best thing about digitizing your old videotapes and photographs is that your memories are preserved forever. Yeah, obvious answer, right?


Another amazing benefit of digital conversion is having the ability to digitally share your memories with friends and family. With social media being the behemoth that it is today, it makes sharing laughable, tearful and cringe-worthy memories with friends and family easier and better than ever.


But what is the best way to share photos and other digitized memories? We’ve got you and your social “show and tell” covered.


Cloud download

One option we give customers is to have their old film, tapes and photos converted to digital cloud downloads. Since the cloud allows you access to your files nearly anywhere, anytime, it’s often the most popular way to share photos and other past memories. You want to make a quick Instagram post or shoot a text message to your family thread? No problem. You can download your files from the cloud and send them on-the-go.


Thumb drive

Yes, despite the popularity and ease of the cloud, people are still rocking the USB thumb drives because they’re reliable and easy to carry on your person. But you’ll need a computer, so it’s not technically as easy to access as the cloud via your smartphone, but it is just as simple as a quick plug and play. Organize your photos and videos into folders or send just a select few, it’s up to you. And for the not so phone savvy (looking at you grandma – I still love you), a thumb drive may be an easier alternative than the cloud when it comes to sharing photos and other digitized memories.



Speaking of grandparents … not all generations are on the same technical skill level. That’s not to say there aren’t hip baby boomers who are rocking Tiktok or Snapchat like millennials. But let’s be honest, the majority are probably still trying to figure out the DVD player you bought them back in 2002. In which case, those digital memories are still easily shareable – you just need a computer that still has a disc drive or external disc drive attachment to upload them. From there, you can share them however you wish and your grandparents will be thankful.


Social media, email & text

For most, social media is probably the easiest way to share a few photos. Instagramming how ridiculous you looked at prom. Posting a pic of that bowl cut you just thought was fire back in the day. Uploading a video on Facebook of your parent’s wedding day celebrations. Snapping that 8th grade talent show performance. There are tons of ways to share on social. But if you’re looking to photo share in bulk, then email and text are probably your best options for sharing folders full of memories. You could even give friends and family a link to your cloud download so they can access your digital memory catalog at their leisure while also giving them the opportunity to further share in past glory.


That’s the beauty of photo sharing – there’s no right way. So, make it your way, any way you like.

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