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DIY: Photo Puzzle

By Shelby Burr

Who’s ready for a GREAT DIY project?

Not only will this include a great family photo, but it will keep you entertained for years to come!
What’s one thing that never fails to be entertaining, collaborative with others and can make great memories? PUZZLES! Whether you’re a puzzle master or not, puzzles are always fun to do with your friends, family or even a solo project. And the best part is? You can take it apart and do it all over again!


So, how do we make puzzles super unique and thoughtful? Why not add your favorite memory/photo! This is great as a gift, or save it for yourself to admire over and over again. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 12-16 piece puzzle - This can be found at your nearest dollar store or craft store. Blank or a puzzle with an image already on it is fine!
  • Your favorite photo printed to the same size as the puzzle board
  • Acid free adhesive
  • Scissors or a craft knife
  • Pencil



Step 1

Lay your photo face down and place the puzzle on top. Remove the puzzle backing leaving only the pieces in place so you’ll know where to trace your pieces! 

Step 2

Trace the border around all the pieces. After your border is in place, you’ll start tracing each puzzle piece separately onto the back of the photo. Be sure you line them up so that when you cut them they will be sized to fit!

Step 3

After you have your pieces all traced, it is time to cute them out using your scissors or your craft knife! Be careful and go slowly to stay within the lines and not to cut yourself. You want to be precise with these cuts, just so they puzzle pieces will fit together. 

Step 4

Once your photo is cut into the individual puzzle piece sizes, it’s time to start gluing them onto the actual puzzle pieces! Take your acid free adhesive and begin applying it to each piece and lay the corresponding photo cut out onto the piece! 

Let your puzzle dry and you’re done! Now you have an adorable, homemade and DIY puzzle piece for you and your family to enjoy! Family photos are so special and carry so many wonderful memories. One easy solution to sport your favorite photos on a puzzle is to have them digitized! Legacybox can help you there. 

Simply, easy and so worth it. Your photos, film and tapes can be digitized so you can relive them and share them again and again. 

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