Fall is Good for Your Brain

Fall is Good for Your Brain


Beautiful days and chillier evenings, that gorgeous autumn color palette. Ahh...what's not to love about Fall? Everyone seems more chipper, more friendly, filled with joy and laughter. But why? Why are we all in a great mood once the temperature dropped 20 - 35 degrees?


The end of scorching summers benefits your brain in several ways. How? Because once the thermostat pushes past 80, our bodies try to cool themselves by drawing energy from our brains – affecting its optimal functionality. That means the Fall is friendlier to your memory, temper and ability to problem solve.

Along with the colder weather, comes darker evenings - which means you should try to hit the hay a little sooner. This is the snuggle weather anyway, right? So might as well take advantage of the coziness and catch some z's. 

Here's what happens when your brain receives more sleep this Fall:

  •  Your brain locks in what you learn. More sleep = better memory
  • It repairs itself. Muscle fatigue, joint aches, sickness...your brain will heal you.
  • Your mind stores and creates memories
  • Organizes your memories - the ultimate file cabinet 
  • It helps your brain perform better - problem solving, observance, energy.
  • It cleans out the toxins
  • Keeps you sane - yes, without it, you'll start to exhibit the same problems as people with severe mental illnesses.
  • Helps create routines - you being to create healthy hobbies to your everyday life.

It's no wonder we love fall so much! Not only does it put us in a happier mood, but it also helps our brain be the best it can possibly be. 

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