Shopping for Dad Made Easy: Father's Day Gift Guide
Shopping for Dad Made Easy: Father's Day Gift Guide
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Shopping for Dad Made Easy: Father's Day Gift Guide

By Shelby Burr
Are you stumped for Father’s Day gifts this year? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. It can be a real challenge to find the perfect gift for dad. I mean, he is one of the most important men in your life…so, we know the pressure’s on. “What does dad want that he doesn’t already own?” is a common question before Father's Day. Do you want to get him something different, something new, or more items to represent his favorite sports team? No matter the gift, you dad will feel loved, appreciated and honored. It’s time to celebrate your dear ol’ dad and make him feel loved! So, to help you out, we put together a great list of gifts that all dad’s will love:

1. Beer Tote

Does your dad have a palate for great beers? Then this gift is perfect for him. A beer tote can hold an entire six pack for your dad to enjoy at a picnic (depending on where you live), a get together with his buddies or even a tailgate for his beloved sports team. He can have fun by mix and matching different flavors for his six pack, or keep it classic by having just his favorite beer. Plus, it’s great for carrying soda to the beach!

2. Pick Puncher

Be in tune with your dad’s gifts, especially if he is musically inclined (see what I did there?). If your dad has a talent with stringed instruments, then why not treat him with the gift that keeps on giving? A guitar pick punch is a modified stapler that punches out guitar picks. Punch out picks from old credit cards or purchase decorative guitar pick sheets. He’ll never be out of picks ever again!

3. Grilling Gear

Ah, the art of grilling. Is your dad a master griller? This gift will not only make him feel like a professional, but you get to test out his mouth-watering, grilled creations. From top of the line spatulas, perfect grilling spices and cutting knives that slice like butter, your dad will feel like the man. Don’t forget to get him his grilling armor; no man should grill without his manly apron.

4. Popcorn Spices

Okay, we all know…popcorn is addicting. For those popcorn loving dads who just can’t seem to get enough, this will make all of their dreams come true during movie night. Spice up your dad’s popcorn craving with white cheddar, buttery garlic, sour cream & onion and dill pickle! Is your stomach grumbling?

5. Personalized Coffee Mug

After a good night's sleep, what’s one thing your dad thinks of when he wakes up? Well, it might be coffee. Why not brighten his morning with a personalized coffee mug with a picture of the whole family on it, an image of your dad when he was younger, his favorite pet or even a scanned image of a drawing you made when you were little. Mornings will be even sweeter with a thoughtful mug in his hands.

6. Hammock

We all know that life can get a little crazy sometimes. Treat your dad to a stress reliever by giving him a hammock. He can swing in the warm sunshine, forget all of his worries and take a delightful, little snooze. This gift will give your dad the chance to pause, reflect on the positive things in life and enjoy the time to himself.

7. Outdoor Popcorn Popper

Okay, so we touched base on the popcorn, but this gift is perfect for popcorn loving dads who also love the outdoors. Next time your padre goes on a camping trip with his friends, or even a family camping trip, make sure he has his handy dandy popcorn popper. Just insert some kernels, place over the fire and enjoy the beautiful sound-of-soon to be deliciousness.

8. Workout Bag

If you have an active dad, why not treat him to a thoughtful gift. Does he carry all of his workout gear in that same old, ratted workout bag that he’s had since you can remember? Treat him to a new workout bag that can accommodate all of his gear, as well as being versatile for travel!

9. Style Him Out

Although he may not admit it, dads enjoy getting new clothes from time to time. When you think about it, your dad may not have that many articles of clothing. So, treat him to some new button ups, a sweater or two and a nice watch that can complement his style. And if his style is wearing his favorite sports team, then treat him to a new jersey or hat!

10. Experience

Tangible things are nice, but some dads would rather share an experience that can last a life time. Whether you rent kayaks for a day trip in the sun, go see the new movie he’s been dying to see, make him breakfast in bed or even go hit some balls at the golf club, your dad will enjoy his time with you and his family. Your dad will feel special no matter what.
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