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Personalized Christmas Gifts

By Dillon Wallace

“The thought that counts,” while beautiful in sentiment, will only get you so far come gift-giving season.

Don’t take it personal this holiday season, racking your mind for thoughts or breaking the bank trying to make it count. Instead, make it personal with a customized gift that’s memorable.

With so many personalized Christmas gift options, shops and more at your virtual fingertips, the perfect gift is out there. And we’re here to help you find it.


What says “I’m thinking about you” more than a photobook full of good times, great friends and family, and amazing memories? If you really want to show a loved one that you care about them, consider creating a photobook or even a slideshow for them. The best part –– it doesn’t have to be a physical book with old prints and Polaroids. You can digitize all your old photos, even videotapes and more to capture the perfect book of memories for a thoughtful Christmas gift.

Digital custom frame

Want the perfect “Tell me you’re thinking of someone without telling me you’re thinking of someone” gift? With remnants of the pandemic still lingering, it’s been a lot more difficult to visit and share the holidays with distant friends and family. With a digital custom frame and custom photo gifts, all those distant loved ones can still feel like they’re not missing out on seeing your life grow before their eyes. Now, that’s a memorable Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

It’s also one of the best personalized Christmas gifts for grandparents. Sending daily photo montages is the next best thing to watching their grandbabies grow in person.

Custom coffee mug

There’s no better way to start the day than to wake up and drink a little pick-me-up Joe out of a customized coffee mug. Whether it’s “World’s Best Dad,” “Big Boss Lady Vibes” or “Is it Friday yet?”, the sentiment to seize the day with motivation or sarcasm will be treasured on the perky taste buds of your loved one.

Personalized face mask

Let’s be honest, face masks probably aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. So, rather than just treat them as something we have to wear. Make them statement pieces to express yourself. Get fun with patterns, sayings or anything that your heart desires. Our mouths are important tools for voicing ourselves, their coverings can be, too.

Custom calendar

Want a gift that keeps on giving 365 days a year? Then a customized calendar can do just that with daily reminders of the thought that went into giving it. Need an idea for a customized calendar? No problem. Consider making your own pet the star of every month. Theme it out with the seasons or have a sense of humor with it and make Ollie a fireman, a police officer, a … you get the point.

Personalized pillow

If you really want to give a gift that makes you the first person they think of when they wake up and the last person they see before they drift to sleep, then a personalized pillow is a perfect place to lay your gift-giving thoughts. You can be cute and put their name on it, or if you’re feeling creepy, slap your face on it. It’s up to you and the comfort of your relationship …

Custom socks

Loud socks are all the rage these days. They’re like the new form of mullet. Business casual up top, party at the ankles. So, if you’ve ever wanted to give your significant other a pair of socks with your face, your cat’s face and random slices of pizza on them – because why not – now you can. And you’re sure to get some good laughs from all your coworkers and friends the next time you rock the socks.

Personalized magnets

Our refrigerators are like household hubs. Whether it’s that A+ test that you want to show off; old holiday photographs from loved ones you've proudly displayed, or important numbers you need to remember (face it, do you know poison control’s number off the top of your head?), our fridges are communication hot spots. And if you give the gift of a personalized magnet, I’m sure it will find its rightful spot adjacent to next spring’s slew of upcoming wedding invitations.

Custom shirts

With chic online places like Etsy available, making a custom shirt for a loved one has never been easier. Whether it’s an inside joke, a band that isn’t big enough to have merch or just something fun/creative, a custom shirt can say everything you want it to. It’s also a great personalized Christmas gift for mom, dad and everyone.

Still trying to think of the best personalized Christmas gift to give this season? Maybe one of these customized options will fill the idea void. Just remember, the thought does still count this Christmas, and it can’t count any more than a gift that’s personalized!

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