Throw the Neighborhoods Best Halloween Party this Year!
Throw the Neighborhoods Best Halloween Party this Year!
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Throw the Neighborhoods Best Halloween Party this Year!

By Shelby Burr

Who here is ready for spooky season?! As you begin to dust off your decorations, pull out your old costumes and stock up on candy, you might ask yourself, “What are my plans for Halloween this year?” Well, my friend, I think it’s time to throw THE BEST Halloween Party of 2019.

Here is the Top 10 Ways to throw the Best Halloween Party this Year!

Have the BEST Food

We all know Halloween is centered around the sweets, but when you throw a party, you need the savory! We all know food is the way to everyone’s heart, so let’s make your party the most memorable. Jalapeno popper mummies, caramel apples and ghost pizza bagels are just a few great snacks to really get the party going. Here are some great recipes for your Halloween party!

Halloween Playlist

So, you’re having your Halloween Party and everything’s going great, but you notice something’s missing...what could it be?


Here are some great songs to add to your halloween playlist!

  • Time Warp by The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Thriller - Michael Jackson
  • Monster Mash - Bobby “Boris” Pickett
  • Ghostbusters - Ray Parker
  • Superstition - Stevie Wonder
  • You spin my Round (Like a Record) - Dead or Alive
  • Highway to Hell - AC/DC
  • Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran
  • Disturbia - Rihanna
  • I Put a Spell On You  - Marilyn Manson
  • Monster - Lady Gaga
  • The Addams Family Theme
  • I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow
  • Darkside - Alan Walker
  • Midnight City - M83
  • Witchy Woman - Eagles
  • Magic - Coldplay




It’s showtime. This is the prime time to show off your sweet tooth and strategize your game plan. When hosting a Halloween Party, let your friends leave with the memory of candy at every corner. Place a bowl of candy in every room for the optimal halloween candy experience! This will also limit the amount of traffic to get to those sweets. You could even categorize each room! Living room = Hard candies, Kitchen = Chocolate with nuts, Dining Room = all gummies, etc. That way, everyone can move around your home freely and bask in all that sugary glory.


Let’s keep your Halloween party fun and entertaining with some GAMES! These games are family friendly - so both kids and adults can enjoy! 

  • Donut Eating Race
    • Tie some donuts to some string and hang them from a tree or post. Have contestants line up to see who can finish their dont first. Trick is, you cannot use your hands! (for an extra laugh, get powdered gets a little messy).
  • Toilet Paper Mummy Race
    • Can you guess what you’ll need for this game? Toilet Paper! Divide into groups of 2 or three - one person in each group must volunteer to be the mummy. Wrap your mummy as quickly as you can in 3 minutes. The best mummy costume wins!
  • Bobbing for Apples
    • Although this is a classic game that everyone loves, why not add a little extra “spooky” to the mix? Along with the apples, add red food coloring to the water to make it look like blood! You can also drop in plastic spiders, fake eyeballs, and fake bugs too!
  • Halloween Feel Box
    • Get ready to squirm! All you’ll need is a cardboard box that has two cut out holes on either side. Blindfold each person that participates and have them guess what’s in the box by touch! This great sensory game plays with the mind and can make people squeal with fear! Some fun ideas to place in the box are: jello, a fake animal or something fuzzy, something with scales, a bowl of cold spaghetti, or a bowl of candy! Let’s see who has the most correct guesses!

Videos / Photos

During this spooky season, why not bring some great content back from the dead! Photos, Tapes and Home Movies, oh my! Decorate your home with some old pictures of invites when they were dressed up for Halloween, back in the day. Another idea is to have your home movies, old film, etc. playing on repeat in a certain room. This will be great conversation for your party goers, and it brings life to your favorite memories!


We all know that one house in your neighborhood that goes all out each spooky season. Well, they better be ready for some serious competition! Deck out your home this year with the best decorations! You can make a homemade scarecrow by your front door to hold the bowl of candy - old clothes, hay and a chair! Another great decoration is a giant spider (or two) in your yard, on your house or in a tree! All you’ll need is a garbage bag, some leaves to fill, and pool noodles for legs! Why not add a graveyard, while you’re at it? With some foam board, gray spray paint and a sharpie, all you’ll need to do is cut the board to your desired shape, paint and mark the gravestone! Get your craft on.

Themed Costumes

Obviously it’s a costume party… I mean, it’s Halloween. BUT you can spice it up a little and have a themed costume party! Here are some ideas for a themed party:

  • Video game characters
  • Famous authors
  • Characters from a specific movie
  • Super hero theme
  • Reality TV
  • The 90’s or the 80’s

Don’t forget to have a camera handy when everyone arrives! You’ll want to save these special memories for years to come - polaroids are great for this party too! You can snap a picture and pin it on a bulletin board for all to see. 


While everyone is partying, why not play a scary movie in the back ground? Or have a movie themed party - everyone brings the snacks, you provide the entertainment. This is also perfect for those introverts out there that would rather silently stand and watch than mingle. Don’t worry, we got you. 

Here are some great movies to play:

  • Scream
  • It
  • 6th Sense
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Monster House
  • Halloween ( has the name in it!)
  • Young Frankenstein
  • Halloweentown

Don’t forget to pop some popcorn!

Pumpkin Carving

This is a perfect party event for family fun! Either have everyone bring a pumpkin or purchase small pumpkins for each party member. Have a table and carving destination ready for each individual - along with the tools needed to carve! This creates great family memories and everyone can take their special pumpkin home! For those extra little ones (agest of 5 and under) provide finger paint instead of sharp tools. They can paint their pumpkins to their hearts desire!

Have Prizes

Last, but not least: PRIZES! Every party loves a little competition. This is a great way to engage with your attendees and have them interact, and stay ‘till the end! 

  • Jar counting contest
    • Fill a mason jar or clear bowl with candy corn and have your guests guess the amount. Provide little slips of paper where they provide their name and guessed number. Whoever is closests, wins a prize!
  • If you play any of the games provided above (bobbing for apples, mummy and donut race, etc.) you can easily give out prizes for each!
  • Who had the best costume?
    • Best costume of the night wins a prize!

Your guests will love this. What prizes might you give? How about some cool items such as these?

  • Movie Night
    • Two tickets to the local theatre, plus popcorn and some candy!
  • A gift card to a coffee shop
    • They buy all the pumpkin flavored lattes to their desire
  • An iTunes gift card
    • You know...with all that awesome music you played at the party, they will probably want to purchase those songs.
  • Preserve Their Memories
    • A gift voucher to Legacybox! Listen, those pictures and home movies you provided at the party were so crystal was like you were practically back in the 80s. Why not give that gift to someone else?

Enjoy hosting the BEST Halloween party of the year. Your friends and family will have a blast and will definitely want this to become a tradition.

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