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What do I Count as an "Item"?

By Dillon Wallace

So you’ve got a pile of old tapes, film reels and photos that you want digitized. And while doing your research, you’ve found that Legacybox is one of the best professional digitization companies. But before you hit send to order your box – first things first, how do you know which box will work for your stack of memories? What exactly is counted as a piece (PC)?

Here’s a breakdown that can help you better organize your analog media stash and load up one of our four crush-proof, prepaid mailer box kits.

 What we provide

When choosing which box you need, we tried our best to accommodate a wide variety of loadable options, everything from a 2PC starter box to 10PC and 20PC kits, all the way up to a 40PC trunk. This way no matter how few or how many memories you want digitized, we’ve got you covered.


What is a piece (PC)?

Since our boxes are organized in piece kits, one of the biggest questions we get asked is what a PC equals. Here’s how we break down what a PC is per old media type.


  • 1 Tape = 1PC
  • 1 Film reel = 1PC
  • 1 Audio Cassette = 1PC
  • 25 Photos/Slides/Negatives = 1PC


So, now that you’ve got the nitty gritty on the various PC counts per kit, it’s important to note that you can mix and match your media as you choose. For example, if you get the 10PC Family kit, you could load up and send in 3 tapes, 2 film reels, 2 audio cassettes and 75 photos.


Overall, our 20PC Closet box is our most popular kit as it offers a good balance of the number of pieces you can include – not too few but not too many.


Digitizing your old memories is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to your future because it preserves your past. So, find which one of our PC kits work for you and get to loading up your box. We’ll take care of the rest!

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