15 Top Trends from the 70s
15 Top Trends from the 70s
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15 Top Trends from the 70s

By Dillon Wallace

The 1970s. A to the max time when hippies ran rampant, disco ruled the clubs, no array of colors were ignored when it came to looking fab and shirt collars were the size of Dumbo’s ears. With so many amazing fashion choices to digest, it’s only appropriate that we get the skinny on the trends that made the decade so memorable.


Can you did it?


1. Bellbottoms

Bellbottoms were like the clothing mullet before the mullet was really a thing. These pants that looked business up top yet screamed party down low were a staple for 70’s fashion goers everywhere.


2. Platforms

Wanting to be taller is a common wish among people. High heels have done an amazing job of this for centuries, but then platforms hit the masses in the 70s and women fell in love with a new form of heightened shoe. The look even made a spicy return in the 90s … If you catch my zig-a-zig-ah drift.


3. High-waisted jeans

Apparently, fashionistas were trying to reinvent pants in the 70s as high-waisted jeans, in addition to bellbottoms, swept across the fashion industry. Say hello butt and good-bye bellybutton.


4. Tie-dye

The 70s were experimental to say the least and that extended into all aspects of trends, especially fashion. Plain shirts were so drab, so adding every color in the spectrum in unique cotton candy-like swirls, aka tie-dye, became all the rage for hippies everywhere. Plus, it looked pretty stellar under black light.


5. Feathered hair

Might as well just called this the Farrah Fawcett ‘do. This lusciously feathered and perfectly primped hairstyle added density and flowiness (we’re making it a word) to many a hairdo in the 1970s. By the 80s it became all about the hairspray.


6. The afro

If the Farrah Fawcett look wasn’t your bag, baby, then the afro was just as big … literally, emitting a sense of confidence and swagger behind your strut.


7. Corduroy

Maybe it was the fine thin lines or maybe it was soft suede-like feel, but corduroy was very, very popular in everything from pants to jackets to hats and more.


8. Circular sunglasses

Made most infamous in the 70s by the late John Lennon, circular sunglasses gave wearers an added sense of style meets sophistication.


9. Military/safari look

Maybe it was a result of watching U.S. troops fighting overseas in Vietnam, but there was a strong military trend (and surplus) that swept the decade as people donned khaki and olive green rucksack bags, fatigue-inspired jackets, belts, boots and more.


10. Ethnic/folk look

Similar in some ways to the hippie vibe, this look featured bright prints and patterns but focused more on cultural designs including strong nods to Native American features and European folk – dresses, ponchos, and embroidered patterns


11. Underground punk

Black leather jackets, hair that don’t care and studs all became a trend for punk enthusiasts, so much so that the fashion started to spill over into popular culture in the mid to late 70s.


12. Hot pants

Talk about risqué for the time. Hot pants were anything but pants. These women short shorts were the center of so many heated societal debates that they earned the name hot pants.


13. Chevron

Patterns come and go, and some will always be – looking at you flannel. But in the 70s, chevron made itself known as the next big pattern – one that has recently seen a big reemergence.


14. Large, floppy collars

Men and women in the 70s were big proponents of tight fitting shirts with abnormally large (and often pointy) collars. Seriously, collars in the 70s were nearly twice the size of today’s standard collars. Saturday night fever must have been contagious because the more chest/neck that men showed with these excessive collars … the better (and usually christened with a medallion necklace).

woman with Legacybox products 

15. Puka shell & love beads

Of course, clothing wasn’t the only mentionable fashion of the 70s. Men and women had a fair share of jewelry to accessorize with and puka shells, love beads and mood rings led the charge.


Yep, the 1970s sure had quite the range of unique fashion statements. So unique that nothing could ever top them right? Oh, hello 80s …

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