6 Perfect DIY Anniversary Gifts
6 Perfect DIY Anniversary Gifts
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6 Perfect DIY Anniversary Gifts

By Christian Roemer

I’m not much of a traditionalist, so I’m always trying to find new ways to do old things. Anniversary gifts are one of those things. Maybe because I’m a millennial, or maybe because I like thinking outside of the box, I’ve never followed along with the traditional gifts. Whether you’re a rebel without a cause, or you’re just looking for something more alluring than salt on your 8th anniversary (really?!?), we have some great ideas for fun anniversary gifts.

If you want to know the trluth, I’m a cheapskate, which is why I’ll never buy diamonds for an anniversary. I justify it by instead replacing those vapid accoutrements with things that actually mean something. Experiences and things from the heart are what really matter, which is why I think these gifts are better than a tennis bracelet or earrings any day. Here are some thought starters at budgets that anyone can afford.


Write a love letter

In the age of email and text messages, most of our communications with our significant others are being lost to digital obsolescence. A love letter on real paper will last for years. It also takes some reflection and time to write, which will be appreciated by your other half. The most important thing with a good love letter is to be honest. Don’t repeat cliches. Make it about you!


Get your old pictures and home videos digitized

If you’ve been married for a while, you’ve probably amassed a few printed pictures and taped home videos over the years. Get those things digitized and have a viewing party on your anniversary! Reliving your memories together will make for a night that you’ll never forget!


Try a new activity together

Is there a local zipline near where you live? Try it out! Have you had your eyes on a new restaurant that opened downtown? Go there. Your anniversary can be the perfect excuse you’ve needed to get out and do something fresh and exciting.


Go on a staycation

Odds are, unless you live in a really small town, you haven’t seen everything that your city has to offer. Find a hotel nearby and stay in a different part of town. Go to some new stores or restaurants. Treat yourself to massages. Hang out in park. You can spend as much or as little money as you want as long as you branch out!


Make a photo collage

Collages are cheap and come in tons of different styles. Take some of the old photos that you have sitting around and make a collage out of them! Buy a collage frame, design one on your own posterboard, or draw some inspiration from Pinterest. You can get as simple or as crafty as you want.


Cook an Anniversary Dinner Together

I love the TV show, Chopped. You and your significant other can go grocery shopping for each other and then cook a meal out of the stuff that you pick out! One person can cook the appetizer, the other can make the main dish, and you can make dessert together. You don’t have to go out to have a great meal and spend quality time with each other.

There you have it! 6 completely affordable, original, and memorable gifts to try this anniversary. When it comes down to it, the memories that we create together are what give our lives meaning. Celebrating an anniversary should be about reaffirming the loving connection that makes marriage and relationships so incredible, and in the end, that part doesn’t cost a dime.

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