How to Host a Viewing Party this Summer
How to Host a Viewing Party this Summer
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How to Host a Viewing Party this Summer

By Christian Roemer

Summertime is in full swing, which means that the temperatures are getting warmer, attitudes are getting more relaxed, and parties are raging all over the USA. Typically the 4th is a popular time for everyone to hang out, but that doesn’t mean that you have to follow the crowd. In fact, we’re going to tell you what you should do instead: throw a viewing party!

“What’s a viewing party?” I can hear you asking through your computer screen.


A viewing party is a way for you to invite your best friends and family over to take a look at the memories that you recently got digitized with Legacybox. All of your old VHS tapes, Super 8 movies, photos, can be conveniently packaged in a thumb drive or DVD, which means they’re ready for sharing with the world. While you could farm out those photos and videos for likes on Facebook, the best thing to do, in our humble opinions, is to have some good old-fashioned face to face time with the people you care for most.

Throwing a viewing party is easy, fun, and everyone will have a great time taking a stroll down memory lane while pictures and videos play on your 21st century flat screen TV. For some thought starters, here are some ideas for making the party truly memorable:

Have a Theme

Did you recently digitize the videos from when you went through your horse riding phase? Have everyone dress up with horse riding themes! You could have cowboys, dressage, or folks might just show up with a horse head mask.

Make Mingling Easy

Yes, the point of the party is to share the memories you just got digitized, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make new memories at the same time. Don’t shoehorn your guests into the living room to sit in home movie watching purgatory. Let them mingle and have fun together!

Invite the Stars

The way to best relive the memories you’ll be putting on broadcast is by sharing it with the people who were involved. Maybe you haven’t seen some of those folks in a long time, or maybe you see them every day. Either way, it’ll be great to get the old gang back together to enjoy a night of reminiscing together.

The point of a viewing party is to bring people together in a personal, fun, and reminiscing way. Whether you choose to set up an outdoor viewing stage with a screen and projector, or you just want to cycle photos while playing spin the bottle, you know your crew better than anyone. You’ll know the best way to present your newly digitized memories to make them a hit for every party attendee.

Who knows--digitizing your memories and throwing a viewing party could reignite a friendship that you thought was lost years ago. The only way to know is by arranging things, sending out the invitations, and seeing who shows up!

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