Describing Legacybox to My Mother
Describing Legacybox to My Mother
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Describing Legacybox to My Mother

By Benjamin Cake

So you’ve just discovered Legacybox. You’ve checked out our site. And you like the idea of digitally preserving the priceless moments your family’s been holding onto but can no longer watch because they’re on videotapes, film reels, cassette tapes, and other dated formats.  

But you’re still not sure.

Maybe it seems a little risky to send irreplaceable items in the mail. And before you order, you want to be completely confident we’ll keep everything safe.


That makes complete sense. After all, if those memories weren’t so important, you wouldn’t want to digitize them in the first place. 


You deserve a quick explanation of how Legacybox works and, more important, how you can be certain the items you send will be taken care of throughout the entire process.


And to help with that, I’ve enlisted the help of a skeptical customer I call Mom. 


First off, thanks for doing this, Mom. 


You should call me more. Not just when you have a favor to ask. 

I call you all the time! And you wanted me to explain how I’m going to digitize those slides from the trip you and Dad took to Greece.  


Fine. So what, exactly, is “digitizing”? 

It’s the process of creating digital copies of the footage from older formats (such as videotapes, film reels, slides, and audio cassettes) and saving them on a thumb drive, DVD, or the cloud so you can access and share them anytime, anywhere. 


That sounds like a spokesperson.  

Let me try this: Those home movies and photos have become like a time capsule, and it’s frustrating that those memories are just stuck there. We can help you restore all that classic footage, and keep it organized and safe so your grandkids can view them.


Better. How does it work?

Your Legacybox will arrive with everything you need to gather, pack, and send the media you want preserved. Just follow the Welcome Guide, and your items will be safely packed in a few minutes. Then apply the prepaid mailing label, and it’s ready to go.  


Our experienced team will create digital copies, by hand, at our production studio in Tennessee. And soon after, it’ll all come back to you—stored on the cloud, a thumb drive, or DVD—along with all the original media you sent.


That sounds a little too easy.

Sure. I’ve had a lot of practice describing what we do. So to show you I’m not the only one who think it’s effortless, I’ll share this recent review from Jacqueline, one of our customers:


“My kit was so easy to use. A book came with the directions; step by step. I followed everything and shipped a day after receiving my box. I cannot say enough about the great quality of every step from start to finish with Legacybox.”


But my items are one-of-a-kind. How can I be sure they’ll be safe? 

This is the number-one concern of every person who’s ever ordered a Legacybox (more than a million at this point), which is why we’ve invented several ways to ensure you always know your items are being taken care of. 


Within your Welcome Guide are bar-code stickers for each item you want to send. They enable you to track your order throughout the entire process, as well receive updates when your items advance to different stations of our digitizing studio. 


But what about when they’re being shipped back and forth?   

We’ve got that covered, too.   


Your Legacybox and the shipping shell it comes in have been designed to keep everything safe in transit. We've also developed a partnership with UPS, so their staff is familiar with Legacybox and knows exactly how your items should be handled.


And if you want even more security, we’re the first digitizing company to offer shipping protection, so you can always have peace of mind. 


You said you’ve had more than a million customers?

Yup. In addition to the quality of our work, the effort we’ve made to protect people’s items is the most significant reason we’ve become the largest digitizing company in the world and earned the trust of museums, universities, governments, and more than 1,000,000 families across America. 


This is helpful, but what if I have more questions? Or want to talk to someone else. 

Someone other than your own son?


You know, trust but verify. 

We have an in-house support team available seven days a week to discuss anything you’re curious about—before, during, or after your order is complete. 


As a special customer, can I get a discount? 

Hmmm. If I give you one, I should give one to all new customers.  


It’s important for people to do, isn’t it? 

You’ve got a point. Click here to take advantage of a limited-time welcome offer.  You can save 25% percent and ensure cherished moments from the past are always within reach. 


—Ben, Head Writer at Legacybox

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