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DIY: Spring Garden

By Olivia Harlow

The spring season is a time for pastel paints, white jeans and flowers — so many flowers.

That said, not everyone has a ‘green thumb.’ And oftentimes, it seems much easier to buy a bouquet of tulips from the farmer’s market, rather than hunching over in the hot sunshine to plant your own.


Whether gardening is your ‘thing’ or not, here are some do-it-yourself crafts to help you get in the spring spirit — and maybe even convert you to Martha Stewart-esque flower fanatic after all.

FLORAL POTS: Chances are this craft will take you back to elementary school days, meaning it’s perfect for nostalgic 20-somethings and families with young ones. Regardless of age, prepare to get messy.

What you need:

  • Small clay pots with a hole in the bottom
  • Paints and brushes/sponges
  • Rich soil
  • Flowers of your choice (just make sure their size fits in the pots and they’re season appropriate)


  1. Paint your pot. Be creative and colorful. Then, let dry.
  2. Fill your pot with soil. Go about halfway.
  3. Place your bulb. Carefully, center your flower in the center of the pot. Fill the rest of the pot with soil, using your fingers to pack it tightly.
  4. Done. Water the flower, and watch it grow!

MINI GARDEN: This one’s a little more complicated, but it’s worth it. Not only is watching a garden come to life rewarding, it reaps tangible and nutritious gifts. Remember: The fruits and veggies you plant now will bloom in the summer, so you always want to prepare a season ahead. Below is a list of items you can plant between now and July:








Lima beans


Snap peas

Sweet corn


What you need:

  • A wooden frame, at least a foot deep and a minimum of three feet wide, depending on how large you eventually want to make your garden (you can build your own or buy from a hardware department)
  • Veggies and fruits (starter plants) of your choice — we recommend starting out with about three items for beginners, to offer variety without overwhelming yourself
  • Paints (optional)
  • Soil
  • Miniature shovel
  • Gardening gloves
  • Fertilizer


  1. Paint. This is optional, but if you’d like to decorate the exterior of your mini garden, grab some non-toxic paints and go to town!
  2. Pick your location. Before you fill your garden and it gets too heavy to carry, make sure it’s in a good location, where it can receive sunshine and ample water — if that’s what the plants need. If your veggies require shade, then adjust accordingly. Be sure to do some research and read instructions on the plants you choose.
  3. Fill the garden with soil, and begin planting. If you’re new to gardening, we recommend starter plants rather than seeds. Choose plants with strong, healthy stems and vibrant color. Arrange them in rows, plant by plant. Don’t mix them up.
  4. Put those gloves on and start digging. Use your shovel to carve out a space to put your plants. There’s no need to go too deep, but you want this to be far enough into the soil that the plants don’t come loose. Once you’re done, fill the space with soil, packing it firmly. (If you’ve chosen to use seeds, there’s no real need to dig — just till the soil a bit.)
  5. Add some fertilizer. This helps strengthen the plants, but don’t over do it!
  6. Water the plants, and watch them grow! Follow instructions re: watering, and keep an eye on rainfall. Soon enough, you’ll have yummy homegrown fruits and veggies.

FAIRY GARDEN: Maybe plants aren’t your thing, but you still like the idea of crafting your own yard decor to show off the blossoming trees and singing birds. A tiny fairy home is the perfect place to start.

What you need and how to do it: Unlike the previous ideas, there is no must-have item or right-and-wrong approach, really. You’ll likely want to include some pretty rocks or pebbles, moss, a small painted birdhouse, and some tiny figurines — birds, toy castles, petite ladders, etc. Think: If you were a mythical winged creature, where would you call home? Bird houses are pretty cool too.

So, there you have it — a perfect intro to Gardening 101, without actually having to much gardening at all. Who knows, maybe come summertime, you’ll be a green thumb extraordinaire!

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