How to Create a Photo Candle

How to Create a Photo Candle

Are you a lover of candles or know someone who just can't get enough of a good candle? The scent of a candle can bring back memories, create happiness, bring a calm before bed or make your brain feel awake. So, why not make your candle look just as special as if makes you feel?


This DIY is fun, easy and will delight your friends/family as a gift. I mean, who doesn't want a wonderful smelling candle with a picture of their favorite pet, family or sports team on it?


Here's what you'll need


  • White pillar candles
  • White tissue paper
  • Printer
  • Printer paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear Tape
  • Wax Paper
  • Embossing heat gun or hair dryer
  • Pencil




  1. Select the image you would like to use
  2. Take your tissue paper and cut it in the same shape of your printer paper, just a little smaller.
  3. Next, place the tissue paper (shiny side down) onto the printer paper and tape the corners
  4. Print your image (this will be printed onto your tissue paper
  5. Take your tissue paper (with the image) and place onto the candle. Wrap a piece of wax paper tightly around both of the image and candle.
  6. Make sure wax paper is tight to eliminate creases.
  7. Next, apply heat with your hair dryer or embossing heat gun. Continue to apply heat until you see the image ink come through clearer
  8. Gently peel the wax paper off and your candle is complete!
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