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Photo Centerpieces

By Elaine Elliott

We all know a picture tells a thousand words, so imagine all the conversations to be had at your next event if you have photo centerpieces. Your guests will love the charming attention to detail these decorations bring to the table. No pun intended!

 Photo centerpieces have become very popular at weddings, but marriage isn’t the only noteworthy time to create a photo centerpiece.
Below are some other opportunities to show off your favorite photos. 


Picture Perfect Occasions for Photo Centerpieces:

-   Birthdays

-   Graduation Parties

-   Holiday Dinners

-   Award Ceremonies

-   Weddings


Now the question is, what photo centerpiece will you make? There are dozens of ways to get creative with these lovely adornments. If you’re crafting with old polaroid photos, be sure to digitize your photos with Lightbox to ensure you have extra copies for your centerpiece.



Photo Centerpiece Ideas:

Cutout Photo Centerpieces 

Cutout photo centerpieces are similar to those giant celebrity cutouts you see of people like Michael Jordan except it’s a miniature size to fit on a table. If you plan to take wedding photos before the big day, the cut out can even be of the bride and groom all dressed up. Cutout centerpieces are a fun way to honor the celebrated individuals for a birthday or ceremony too. The centerpieces are big, bold, and will spark instant joy.


Flower and Photo Vase Centerpieces

If printing out large cutouts seems too expensive or complicated for your event, then a photo vase centerpiece is the next best thing. This centerpiece is easy because you can plan your flower arrangements like usual, but then add a photo for an extra special touch. Simply print out the photos you wish to use, tape them to a long skewer, and place them in the vase alongside your floral arrangements. And voila, you just took your floral centerpieces to the next level!


Name Tag Photo Centerpieces

This is a great idea if you’re hosting a big dinner or holiday party. When everyone goes to the table to look for their nametag, they’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a photo of themselves. The photo can be an old portrait from their childhood, something quirky from a family vacation, or even a professional photo from a high school graduation photo shoot. Everyone will love comparing their photos to one another and reminiscing on the heartfelt times each photo represents. Now you have a conversation starter at dinner!


Framed Photo Centerpieces

If you’re looking for a more classic aesthetic, a sturdy photo frame will make your photo centerpiece stand out from the rest of the table. The frame can be placed next to flowers and used as a take-home gift for guests. A tri-fold photo frame is ideal so the photos can be seen from every angle on a circular table.


Photo Tree Centerpiece 

Want to mix things up a bit? Rather than creating a typical flower arrangement, try a photo tree instead. You’ll need to place some tree branches (obtained either from your backyard or craft store) in a clay pot and wrap it up in some decorative burlap. You can use fanciful pebbles, moss, or twining to give the base of the photo tree more embellishment. Once you’re finished with the base, attach your photos with some small clips onto each branch. This is a great idea for a holiday centerpiece if you want to show off multiple photos of the family. If it’s the winter season you can hang ornaments off the branches. If it’s Halloween use some decorative cobwebs. And if it’s Easter time, some flower buds or egg ornaments will look adorable. Photo tree centerpieces allow for a lot of creativity and originality!

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