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Tips for Keeping Your New Years Resolution

By Shelby Burr

New year. New you. We all know that New Year’s feeling: a chance to start something new.

Every year, resolutions are made and resolutions are done...for at least a month or so. We understand!

Some resolutions are hard to keep up, especially if it’s not naturally in our routine. This year, let’s make sure your great New Year’s resolution actually continues throughout the entire year!


Create A Calendar Reminder

Simple, quick and you’ll be thankful you set it up. If you’re planning on doing more stretches in the morning, meditating for 5 minutes or doing some journaling, set a reminder in your phone! Simply go to your calendar app, click the present date and add a “New Event.” Enter your reminder and select that it repeats daily!


This might be a resolution within itself, but it will be effective regardless! Journaling is a great way to reflect on your daily activities. By journaling, you’ll be able to write down how your resolutions are going, what your strengths and struggles are and what you’re learning from this new resolution experience!

Community Group 

With knocking out your resolutions this year, accountability is key! Find a day and time where you and your friends can meet once a week or once a month! You can discuss your resolutions, how well it’s been going and give one another tips and tricks to keep up the momentum. Plus, you’ll always end up having a good laugh.

Give Yourself a Break

We are proud of you. You set a goal for yourself! Why? Because this year is YOUR year. Give yourself a pat on the back for being more self-loving. You are allowing yourself to eat healthier, read more books, take more trips, create more memories because you are allowing yourself to admire you. Treat yourself! With that being said, don’t be so hard on yourself if you slip on your resolutions once or twice. It happens. It takes 21 days for your brain to create an action as a habit. Additionally, life can get in the way! Your resolution is either adding something new to your routine, or taking something out. This means it will take times for you to adjust to that change! If you mess up, say, “That’s okay! I’m still choosing to do this resolution!” You’ve got this. Smile, try again and keep going.

This year, regardless, make memories. 2020 will be a great year to start something new and to create new moments that you can reflect on. 

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