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Unexpected Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

By Shelby Burr

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s better to be prepared early than scrambling at the last minute! This year, let’s do something unique and unexpected for your sweetheart. Let’s plan a perfect date night that will make your loved one feel oh so special.

Googly Eyes

Looking for something fun, random, and it will make great memories? All you need is some Elmer’s glue and googly eyes from the dollar store. Walk around town and apply a small dollop of glue to a random surface and give it some googly eyes. See a gutter that looks like a face? Apply googly eyes. See a crack in the sidewalk that looks like a smile? Apply googly eyes! Listen, it’s fun, it’s cheap and it will bring so many smiles to everyone that comes upon your masterpiece. Obviously, be smart and don’t vandalize anything that would get you in serious trouble. Be safe, have fun, and get ready to laugh a lot. 

Scavenger Hunt

This is a great idea for the both of you to be surprised! Instead of one person coming up with all the spots and things to find, you can find a scavenger hunt online for both of you to do! That way, it’s just as much as a surprise to you both. There are tons of free scavenger pdf’s that you can find online and print it off right at home! Go out and get some dinner and then present the scavenger hunt in a card! Have your loved one open it up and let the festivities begin! If you have a pinterest, here are loads of options to choose from: Click here.

Dessert First

If you’re looking to take your loved one on a date this Valentine’s day, totally switch it up and start with dessert first. We’ve heard it in every romance book and movie, but have you ever actually had dessert first before dinner? Not likely! So make it fun! Head to your local ice cream shop, your most favorite candy store, or a restaurant that has amazing cheesecake. Once you’ve indulged and had your share of dessert, hop in the car and travel to the restaurant spot! It will be fun, totally unexpected and will serve a fun laugh as you share on your sweets before the night begins!

Movie blanket fort

Listen, after a long day away from home, maybe you could use a night in. That’s why a movie blanket fort is the way to go! Surprise your loved one with new pajamas and socks, plus their favorite candy, popcorn and maybe a pizza! Keep it simple. You don’t have to worry about spending too much this Valentine’s day season with this fun date night idea. Prop up your blankets on chairs and couches, make a comfy blanket bed on the inside, get your snacks and snuggle in to watch your favorite show or movie. Maybe even rent one movie online since it’s a special occasion? Either way, your sweetheart is going to love this! 

Brewery and Cards

Head to your local brewery or distillery to enjoy some delicious samples of fine drinks! Have a few appetizers before you go so that you can sip with ease! Plus, you can surprise your loved one with a deck of cards! This brings us all back to our childhood days of playing Uno or Slap jack! Either bring a deck of regular playing cards and play Go Fish or Presidents, or bring something that is a card game with it’s own rules, like Uno, SkipBo or Phase10. You’ll have a great time together. Plus, this is a perfect idea for a night that doesn’t involve technology! Be in the moment, catch up with one another, talk about things and learn new things about one another. This will be a fun night!

Let 2022 be a year filled with new memories and new moments that will live on in your heart forever. We hope this Valentine’s day is the best one yet and that you enjoy this time with your loved one!

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