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Digitize Home Movies, Photos, Slides & More with Legacybox® Simplest and easiest way to convert your recorded media to digital. Legacybox is the world's largest digitizer of home movies, photos & film.

Print Photos

stack of print photos

History of Print Photos:

We put together a historical timeline of print photographs so you can see how far cameras have come in a relatively short amount of time!


history of photography timeline


So, there you have it! While the process of creating photographs has taken over 1500 years, the real fun started around 200 years ago. Since then, we’ve gone from recording shadows on bottles to pressing buttons on a screen and saving our memories forever.



Technical Specifications for Photos:


Technical specifications for print photos varies widely. It’s all based on the megapixels of the camera it was used to take with. A megapixel is a million pixels and pixel is actually short for “picture element.” So if your phone has a 12 megapixel camera, then your picture will be 12 million pixels. These “picture elements” are what make up the beautiful photo you’ve taken!


Conversion Options for Photos:

There are different methods of digitizing photos, with some methods producing better quality digital images than others.


Take a picture

The easiest way to digitize your old polaroids or disposal film photos is to just take a picture of them with your smartphone. A simple snap and they’re digital, ready to be stored, edited, shared – whatever. But let’s be honest, a picture of a picture is like making a copy of a copy … it just never comes out great. So while this picture inception method is easy and fairly quick, the results aren’t going to be what you’re looking for – not to mention the amount of cropping you might have to do.


Use a scanner

Scanning your old photos is very doable but there’s a couple of things you have to keep in mind. First, you’re going to need to buy a scanner. That alone will cost you $100-150 for an affordable option. Second, plan on the process of scanning all your old photos (one at a time, mind you) to take a hot minute – and by hot minute, we mean hours – maybe weekends. But, if you’re willing to trade your precious time and money, then by all means scan away.


Use an App

Of course there’s an app for digitally preserving your old photos – there’s an app for everything. And while scanner apps like Heirloom and Pic Scanner allow you the convenience of using your smartphone to breathe new life into your old photos, the responsibility of color correcting, cropping and everything in between still falls on you.


Professional Services

The absolute best method for digitizing your print photos is to utilize a digitizing company, like Legacybox, to create pristine and high-quality digital copies of your photos. Digitizing services use professional methods of digitization that produce the highest quality images from your prints. Digitizers have a level of expertise that cannot be matched by a flatbed scanner or a scanner app, and they can even enhance your prints and create more beautiful digital images than the originals.



FAQ's for Photos:

Q: How much does it cost to digitize photos?  

A: Here at Legacybox, we have created  simple and affordable packages for print photo digitization so that you can easily choose which package size is best for you.

Our 2 piece Starter Legacybox kit allows you to digitize 2 sets of 25 photos (50 prints total) for $59.98.

Our 10 piece Family Legacybox kit allows you to digitize 10 sets of 25 photos (250 prints total) for $279.98.

Our 20 piece Closet Legacybox kit allows you to digitize 20 sets of 25 photos (500 prints total) for $559.98

Our 40 piece Trunk Legacybox kit allows you to digitize 40 sets of 25 photos (1,000 prints total) for $1,099.98.

 This package size model is the same for each form of analog media we can digitize, which includes many different types of tapes, film, photos, and audio.


Q: Is it better to scan or photograph old photos?

A: Scanning old photos will typically give you a better digital image than photographing the photos. Taking a picture of an old photo using a DSLR or your smartphone’s camera will inevitably capture shadows, glares, and distortions, creating a poor digital image.

Using scanners will allow you to alter the DPI of the digital image created, which creates a higher-quality image. Not all scanners are alike, however, and typically a higher-quality scanner produces higher-quality images.

Using a flatbed scanner or a digital image converter can often give you a decent digital image, but you may still need to edit the image to get the look you desire. Depending on your skill and expertise in editing, this can be a challenging step in the scanning process.

Using a digitization service to scan and digitize your photos, such as Legacybox, is the best way to ensure quality digitization and preservation.


Q: What resolution should I use to scan photos?

A: When scanning print photos, you may think the best resolution to use is the highest your scanner will allow. The higher the DPI, the higher the quality of the digital image, right? However, this will produce a larger file size which can cause you trouble when you try to share images in emails or messages. Larger images will also take up lots of storage space on your computer and other devices.

300 DPI produces decent quality images. There may be some details left out in the scan, but in general, a 300 DPI scan will serve your needs.

Photos scanned to 600 DPI will give you a digital image of excellent quality. You will be able to see every detail in your photos, and the file size will allow for easy sharing, cropping, and printing.

Also, when photos are stored against other photos, the color and details can become rubbed out. Invest in proper enclosures for each photo so this does not happen. Lastly, if you must write on the backs of your photographs, use pencil only. Pen ink can bleed through after time and can ruin your photos.

The only way to truly preserve your photos, however, is through digitization. Despite proper storage, print photos will naturally dull over time. If you have print photos that are important to you, use Legacybox to digitize them so that they do not fall victim to the tests of time.


How to Store Print Photos:


The key to preserving print photos is proper storage





Fun Facts About Photos: