DIY: Make Your Own T-Shirt Quilt (No Sewing!)
DIY: Make Your Own T-Shirt Quilt (No Sewing!)
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DIY: Make Your Own T-Shirt Quilt (No Sewing!)

By Shelby Burr
Do you know someone who owns a lot of t-shirts, but can’t seem to let them go? Each t-shirt came from a special moment in time: high school baseball team, theatre club, volunteering, traveling to different countries, etc. We know it’s hard to part with items that carry a memory, but why not make your t-shirts useful and long lasting? T-shirt quilts are great for birthday’s, Christmas and graduation gifts. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will clear up some closet space. Here are some tips for creating and easy, DIY t-shirt quilt.

1. Supplies

You will need:
  1. Fabric Cutting Scissors
  2. Iron on tape
  3. A ruler
  4. Sewing pins
  5. 15-30 shirts
  6. A quilt (any size)
  7. An Iron
  8. Fusible Interfacing Fabric is optional! (Allows your shirts to be firm and provides more shape. * Note: You will have to sew the shirts on your quilt if using interfacing fabric. It's all up to you!

2. Pick Your Size

Are you making this quilt to fit a bed or you making this quilt to cuddle with on the couch? Know that different sized blankets will call for more or less t-shirts. Depending on the size, and whether you are using both sides of the t-shirt, you might need 30 pieces of t-shirt (15 shirts) for a queen to king size quilt.

3. Pick your Quilt

You can find quilts at your nearest convenient store and select from a variety of colors and sizes. Keep in mind that the color of your quilt is the background color that your shirts will be placed on.

4. Collect Your Shirts

It’s time to organize that closet! Go through all of your shirts and decide what you still wear and what you don’t. Just keep in mind that you will have to cut into these shirts with scissors, so pick the one’s you’re most comfortable with. Cut them into 15 inch squares (front and back, depending on what you would like to use).

5. Your Design

Next, lay out your quilt and place your shirts on top. This way, you can visually see where you’d like your t-shirts to be placed. Once you have your shirts in the order that you like, begin to pin the t-shirt down on each side so they will not move.

6. Iron on Tape or Infusible Interfacing

Iron on Tape: Now that your design and shirts are placed, it’s time to iron them on! Take your iron on tape and cut them into strips (6-10 inches). Start with your first t-shirt and unpin the bottom and two side pins. Keep the top pin on the top. Lay your strips on the quilt where your t-shirt will rest (on the bottom and sides of shirt). Take your iron and gently go over the shirt, allowing the tape to adhere to the quilt. Once those three sides are firm, unpin the top pin and place tape on the top section. Repeat with iron on this section. Repeat this action for every t-shirt until complete. Interfacing Fabric: Cut the interfacing fabric into the same size as the t-shirt (15 inch x 15 inch squares). Lay the adhesive side down on the back of the t-shirt fabric (design is visible). Iron on the fabric! Next step, sew (by hand or by machine) each square into your desired pattern. ***recommend not washing blanket frequently***



7. Completion!

Look at that, you now have a beautiful t-shirt quilt made by hand! Enjoy snuggling up to your blanket on a chilly evening, using it for a fun picnic or seeing your loved one’s face when they open their quilt. Your memories in each shirt will now last a life time and can be enjoyed, rather than sitting in a closet!
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