Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything
Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything
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Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

By Elaine Elliott

There’s always that ONE person in your family or friend group that seems to have everything. Adorable coffee mugs? Check. Fashionable clothes? Check. The latest gadgets? Check.

Shopping for these individuals can be quite stressful.
Even if they say “I don’t want anything” you still want to find a gift to show you care. That’s why we’ve listed our favorite presents for the people who seem to have it all.


Perishable Items & Foodstuffs 

Your loved one might have everything, but they still need to buy groceries regularly! Get them something consumable that won’t go to waste or sit around the house collecting dust. Farmers market finds are a great place to start. Best of all, farmers markets are typically more affordable than a high-end gift shop. Any farmers market, local bakery, or marketplace will have gift-worthy items such as gourmet chocolates, artisanal cheeses, charcuterie board goodies, pickled delicacies, or single origin coffee. When it comes to food; the options are endless.


Vacations & Experiences

A lot of people prefer fun experiences to tangible products. Did you know you can buy Airbnb gift cards? This gives your loved one the opportunity to adventure and explore anywhere. Or take it to the next step and plan an entire vacation for them with the hotel and flights already booked. If you want a more budget-friendly option, check out local offerings such as pottery classes, cocktail making lessons, paddle rentals, or concert tickets. Memorable experiences and vacations will always be remembered and appreciated.


A Subscription

 Everyone is online nowadays with the lack of in-person events and gatherings. With more people hanging out on their couches than ever before, a yearlong subscription to Hulu, Netflix, or Disney+ will be treasured for future movie nights. Other ideas are Spotify, virtual gym and yoga memberships, a Costco membership, or a ticket to an upcoming webinar. With more professionals hosting their services online, there are a wide range of virtual events such as comedy shows, therapeutic workshops, or learning courses for career advancement.


Digitized Memories

Digitizing photos, tapes, and film is something no one will ever regret. These forms of analog media are prone to aging and deterioration. Get your old family keepsakes digitized ASAP to prevent more wear and tear and on these precious memories! Once you digitize analog media for your family, they’ll be grateful for how easy it is to share and store these digital versions. In addition, digital copies can be printed out and used in DIY arts and crafts projects. So if you need another gift idea, consider personalizing coffee mugs, coasters, ornaments, and more!

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